I've previously blogged about Kobe Gyu taku yakiniku here, you can read all about it.
I'll keep this post really short. Short even to my standard (and i'm quite a long-winded person) but just because i had a little bit to drink, and i feel like writing something. I decided to share again this wonderful piece of meat - at 12 am in the morning.

Matsusaka beef is getting more expensive. The last i remembered it was RM2400 per kilo, now it has increase to RM3000 per kilo, How much would you pay for your beef?

Started off with some KOBE Beef

Which i think we flipped it slightly too early, anxious much!

Fresh prawns from Argentina which came in huge pieces, the flesh is slightly on the softer side compare to our usuals but the flavours were wonderful

An array of Sushi Selection just to feed us some carbs. The sushi rice here was consensus to be really fresh, nicely seasoned and the rice won't be excessively sourish and sticky but a nice clean texture and taste.

To some this might not be anything new, raw beef sashimi. I came to enjoy it very much

Here comes the Matsusaka beef, every bit as delicious as it looks! It has only been one day but i'm already craving for more!!

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