Shuraku remains one of my favourite izakaya haunt in town, and mind you there isn’t really that many izakayas in town to choose from, I sometimes go to Nonbei as well. Located above Maybank of Solaris Mont Kiara, Shuraku is perfect for an afterwork drinks with friends and colleagues, and their wide selection of sakes with attractive discounts is a definitely draw, and vastly popular with the Japanese. Buy one bottle and 2nd bottle is 50% off sounds as attractive as it taste, best still, you can park your bottle there for 3 months and slowly finish it off (although I normally finish it off at one go) *blush* Oh yes, draft beer are also buy one free one on happy hours for Tuesday. Now that makes me realliiii happy =)

Steering away from the alkies, Shuraku has a very warm friendly ambience, with an open kitchen concept displaying chef’s at work with the yakitori. I particularly liked the display of some of the commonly found Japanese items such as different types of cigarette, ropes and used cans. The restaurant booze some wide variety of izakaya delicacies, from their kushi yaki (grilled items by the stick) to grilled items, deep fried, yummilicious sushis, rice and noodles.

I always frequent this place and forgot to take pictures, there were just too many distractions *ahem*alcohol*ahem*, so one day I was so determine to write about the restaurant that I actually sit through dinner and order as much as I can and do my homework for once.

Augustdiners <3>

Their range of Kushi Yaki (grilled item on stick) is quite limited and ranges from RM5-7/ portion. My favourites are always the pork belly, chicken skin, and the mushrooms

Yasai Stick RM10, combination of carrots,cucumbers, celery slices. Nothing fancy, and I do this a lot at home during parties and entertainment.

Nasu Dengaku RM14- Baked eggplant with Miso bean paste is one of their proudest creation. Some liked it, some don’t as the paste can get a little too sweet for some.
Unagi Harumaki RM22- Grilled eel and cream cheese rolled in rice paper

Ika Geso Karaage RM14- Deep fried squid tentacles is yums yums, simple greasy and goes well with sake.
Tamago yaki spicy sose kake (RM20)- Rolled omelette topped with seared salmon slices dressed in sizzling sauce is worth order I like the overall taste combination as it blends so well.

Salmon Truffle Tataki RM32- Salmon, Truffle Oil, and potato salad is my must must must order each visit, sometimes more than one portion because it was that good!

Sake Bomb Maki RM28 (no pics)- Soft shell crab, salmon with spicy sauce is as good too. My word of advice, go there and order as many sushis as you can, most of the items I’ve tried has been satisfactory

Salmon Tataki with Goma Dressing- RM35, pan seared salmon slice dressed with special sesame sauce.

Chawan Mushi with Duck RM14, or add Foie Gras (RM22)

Shuraku Oki Roll- Special big roll (RM26) – salmon, tuna & octopus

Okonomiyaki with mix seafood and pork (RM26) is the tummy filler. The fillings were ample and came in a good 3 pax sharing portion.
Salt Grilled Mackerel

Zaru Soba

Nom Nom Noms...

Oh how i love this photo hehe


Food: 7.5/10
(love their vast selection of izakaya food!)

Ambience: 7/10
(cosy, comfortable and a fun place for parties!)

Service: 7/10
(friendly however most staff need to work on their food knowledge)

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Shuraku @ Solaris Mont Kiara
13-2, Jalan Solaris 1,
Mont Kiara
(above Maybank)

Tel: 03-62030561
Oh yes, i dont think they charge corkage for B.Y.O hard liquor


Sean said...

it's impossible to stop ordering and stop munching when the food is this yummy, rite. looks like one of those great nights that we would wish would never end! :D

ulric said...

I know a place where the Ika Geso Karaage is not-greasy but yet yummy...Okomen in Desa Sri Hartamas...they also do a superb deep-fried butterfish pieces...moist n flaky in d inside =)

AugustDiners said...

Sean: yes almost don't wanna go home haha and regretting it the next day :)

Ulric: thanks for the recommendation!!

Michelle Chin said...

omg. reminds me of melbourne. T_________T now you got me missing melbourne. :(

Baby Sumo said...

Your new photo header is really gorgeous!

AugustDiners said...

Mich: hOw did u know it was melbourne hehe, I do miss it from time to time !!

Baby sumo: why thank u!! Im glad it actually turn out well, I'm not very good with all these computer stuff hehe

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