It was sometime in May this year when we’ve decided Publika would be the ideal place for us to open our next outlet, fast forward 2+ months later, I ask myself how time fly by so fast and soon enough, we’re serving our very first batch of customers.
I’ve been meaning to take some proper picture of the restaurant, but each time due to circumstances I ended up asking people to help me snap photos from my reliable iphone, and decor it a bit with instagram. haha. Or im just lazy.

Heres some photos to share:

overwhelmed by flowers from close friends, family, business partners.
Thank you all. A girl can never have enough flowers. Walk in customers jokingly asked whether we are opening a florist.

Our alfresco area sits about 30pax

First night crowd was encouraging.

Yesterday- can you spot the difference?

Customers has commented whilst restaurant was running in full capacity, the room can get quite warm. So we've included a few mini fans which will solve the problem for now. :)

More updates soon.

 xx Ms. Jazz


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

congrats on the 2nd outlet! must go visit when i get back end of year

AugustDiners said...

Joe: bring home some truffles!!

ulric said...

I like the decor...quite pleasant n comforting :)

Even the mini fans looks like they belong =)

Sean said...

major kudos on your latest branch! and your service team deserves praise too ... very friendly and helpful :D

AugustDiners said...

ulric: thank you. we wanted this to be more casual and rustic dining. hahaha yes! im so glad we found one dat goes well with the overall interior

Sean: ooo so u've already been. thank u, im sure my service crew would be happy to hear that

Michelle Chin said...

when are you going to buy me lunch? kekekekekkekeek

AugustDiners said...

mich: im good anytime. :) how long r u staying in kl for?

Maverick said...

Hmm, seems quite alot of items on the menu not available today (sausage platter, beer batter). It's only 1pm though

Anonymous said...

Was there for lunch last Saturday, the waiters/waitress got all our orders mixed-up and even the bill was wrong...twice.

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