Crazieapple is obsessed with Pinterest. I can’t blame her, since everything in there is so inspiring and pretty. It gave us a lot of good ideas on planning a party, and we had the perfect opportunity, coincidentally two of our sisters have their birthday dates pretty much back-to-back from each other. And they are turning 16th and 18th respectively, which is a pretty BIG thing for kids apparently. It came out of the blue that Crazieapple asked whether we should plan a surprise party for my bratty sisters. I was like, whom are you kidding, the proposed event date was only 4 days apart, abut when she was showing me all these very pretty photos (I admit) from pinterest which convinced me and got me really excited.

So first thing first, we had to set a budget for ourselves, knowing otherwise we would go crazy splurging. I won’t say how much but it was definitely 4 figures. So, then we had to choose a location- which was pretty much a no brainer, we chose Silver Spoon of course, because then we can do whatever we want with much flexibility and the best thing is, it’s the most unsuspecting place too!

Then came our real planning, for once we agreed on the same thing, our color theme was baby pink and tiffany blue!! Combination that works wonders! Since me and Crazieapple hardly see each other at home due to work, we communicate everything through our smart phones, and boy were we distracted at work for the past few days.

Counting down: Day 3

Get the important items sorted out first!! Those that require a little bit of preparation works

1. Ordered pretty cupcakes from wondermilk- 2 boxes

2. Ordered custom make birthday cake that fit the theme

3. Backdrop! What’s an event without it? I worked with my supplier to print out a big tarpoulin banner with their names on it.

4. Invitation of Guest- Thanks to facebook, we were able to track some of their best friends to spread the word. REMEMBER to tell them it’s a secret, secret, secret!! We made them wear all white of course and swear not to tell, because we had special plans for the birthday girls! Hehe!

Counting down: Day 2

1. Menu confirmation- We opted for finger food, easy to bite items, but also have selection of cook to order items to fill the tummies.

2. Plating arrangements- Start planning on table settings, and decorative arrangements, to list down all the items we need to buy

3. Double check on budget!! This is where things can get a little bit out of hands. (or in crazieapple’s hand …a lot, luckily I am really strict on budgets) Many times found her sulking because I refuse to let her buy certain things.

4. Planning for entertainment- Photobooth!! More on this later

Counting down: Day 1

1. Shopping + Errand time!! We borrowed props from all over KL hahaha, take for example I nabbed my friends chocolate fondue fountain from her bangsar home, and Crazieapple took the “LOVE” decorative from her friend’s boutique.

2. Confirmation of RVSP and attendance, make necessary adjustment to food quantity!

3. Present shopping!

4. Cake shopping- need to buy a small one for “show” =P

5. Backdrop delivered, test run on installations.

6. We had a function in Silverspoon that night where our client booked up the whole restaurant, so Crazieapple and myself have to wait till the party ended before we can start decorating. So we were there from 11.30pm- 2.30am!!! *yawns* Barely had our eyes open then… why do we not have such problems with clubbing ??

The Decor: (major credits to Crazieapple)

Tiffany blue frames, cupcake holders, tiffany blue and pink macarons, essential flower decorations

Cupcakes from wondermilk

Strawberry milkshakes

Customize mini pink water bottles!

Custom made tissue pompoms

Tiffany Cake made by award winning pastry chef from Singapore. Thank you for doing it for us for such a short span of notice!! <3

Chocolate Fondue is so yummay! Now why didnt we think of using Strawberry chocolate instead!

Greedy Kids Caught in Action

For a good half an hour, we refuse to let anyone touch the food, claiming it a display table only for photo purposes, because its so pretty! guest have to eat those served at the bar. haha!

Thank you Mr. W for your generous help! and for being our ultimate photographer!! hehe much appreciated! now u deserve some food.

Party pooper sign for those who did not turn up in white!
Of course we had it planned out, even their Dress is tiffany blue!!

Tied up in pretty pink ribbons

Some marshmallows, and puddings

Table arrangements with Crazieapple custom made flower tins (just normal food tins wrapped in pretty wrapping paper) this party is all about DIY!
The flower petals we get it for free from the florist!

The pink hello kitty background and our props. We cut out a lot of paper props for them to have fun with photoshoots

Even speech bubbles to write message with chalk- which can rub off again and again
Cheap and effective


The Birthday Girls! Their expression is well worth all our hardwork!!
Dress: (L) Topshop, (R) Thimble- which we stole the "LOVE" block from hehe thank yew!

Their friends

Our menu includes: fish kebabs, bbq chicken kebabs, nutella nutty tarts, spinach quiche tarts, buffalo wings, pink panna cotta, assorted sandwiches, mini pizzas, tomato salsa crostini, macarons, cupcakes, strawberry chocolate fondue, pink lemonade, strawberry milkshakes, seafood bisque (cook to order), spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti al funghi cooked to order

Wonderful party! we were very pleased with the overall picture effect and cant wait to plan more of these theme party! Who's birthday is coming up? :)

xoxo Augustdiners


Michelle Chin said...

so pretty. i don't have such splendid birthdays. my birthday usually involve two presents and a nice meal.

nothing much. ;)

AugustDiners said...

michelle: most importantly it's celebrating it with the people you love most in life :)

Sean said...

wow, beautiful set-up! and it's very impressive that it only took you a few days! it looks like at least a fortnight's work there! :D

Crazieapple said...

i must say.. i'm very proud of MY work!!! hehehe

AugustDiners said...

Sean: Thank you :)

Crazieapple: U shud be! =P

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Can you share the contacts for the custom made tissue pompoms and cake? Many thanks!

AugustDiners said...

Anon: hi! We made de pom poms ourselves!u can check out YouTube for the tutorial, it's quite easy to make! As for the cake, we are not able to give the contact as it was done more out of favour hehe :)

Kenny Mah said...

So... so... so... CANTIK! :)

Btw I have the same LOVE block given to me as a birthday gift this year, but in red (instead of white). Party planners rock!

agnesmargaretha said...

it's so pretty!!! i wish my birthday could be like that instead! ;)

Ezra from Protech Hospitality Fitouts said...

Oh my! the preparation is darning beautiful. Pub Fitouts Sydney

AugustDiners said...

Kenny: oooo!! I wan more of those love blocks too! great decoration and thanks for your compliment :D

Agnes: hehehe! its not that hard to make, maybe you can hint to a friend or two? :P

Ezra: Thank u!!

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