Im not going to attempt reviewing this place because we went there after a clubbing session, and well.. alcohol might impair one's judgement. *grins*

NGAU KEE beef noodles is claimed to be "famous", we reached the stall at 3.30am and was greeted with an unattractive sight of a rundown stall that was already filled with late night eaters. It wasn't exactly the most hygienic place as we saw rats running around the floor and Sarah commented that she had experienced of rats running up her leg, *shudders* Needless to say, malaysians will do everything for some good eats. (i had to raise up my legs on the table rest throughout the meal)

Lime Plum Juice (kat jai suen mui)

We ordered dried wantan mee with mixture of beef balls and intestines.
It was yummy and satisfying after a night of cocktails, champagne and beer.

Signature Chilli sauce

You may choose other noodles of your liking.

It was Mr. B's birthday, he was surprisingly somewhat sober, and ordered large wantan mee to smoothens his alcohol infused mind.

Nothing beats a good supper before heading home to K-O.

~*~*~*~*~ *~

Famous Ngau Kee Beef Noodles
Tingkat Tong Shin (near Corona Inn)

For more details info and map, pls click here

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