There's a new wave in KL (if not, the world) that we are not unfamiliar with- that is the macarons craze!!! Not like you don't already know.. There's just something about this tiny bits of colourful "toys" that make me sacrifice my "girlish" figure. Heck it, size 6 (AUS size la.. not USA)!! hehe

The Parisian Macarons, as most of us know them, are said to have been invented at LadurĂ©e, and they claim to sell 12,000 of them daily. Well, Nathalie at the NGS claimed that some of her customers told her that her macarons were better than Laduree's. Some one needs to justify this as i'm not fortunate enough to get my hands on those babies.. Anyone care to tapau for me pleaseeeeeee??

Being the professional bummer I am, i took the effort to attend Nathalie Gourmet Studio's macarons class last Thursday at 9am, ready to share some love for those around me.. My plan is to earn 3 ringgit each from my own friends and saving them the RM1.40!! hehe

Most of the "students" are housewives who have nothing better to do than attending baking class at 9am. i'm one of them.. haha The class only takes in 10 students at one time for quality control, making sure that everyone has a chance for a hands on experience.. It normally fills up really quickly so if anyone wants to sign up, it's better to do it the moment the monthly class timetables are out!!

My master sifu, Nathalie. She's humorous but definitely takes her food very seriously when it comes to its quality. No shortcuts no easyway out!!  

Raspeberry macarons shells with perfect feet.

"A good Macaron has a perfect round shiny dome with “feet” around the base"

Leaving for cooling.. Can't wait!! The other flavours we did were Salted Caramel and Chocolate.

My proud baby!! 

So how? Pass ah?? 

If i were to sell them for charity purposes, anyone willing to buy them?? =)

Making a perfect macaron takes up real effort and time.. There's nothing more rewarding that the mere approval from your loved ones. You'll then know it's all worth it 


Ms jazz said...

Lol to your 10.05am post! How evil of u to get me hooked onto these babies, not so much on tasting them but u know I'd not resist all things colorful!!!

P/s to all readers, tried crazieapple macaroons and it was yummy although I was only offered one, I'm craving for her salted caramel one again!!

Michelle Chin said...

sell it to me lorrrr

Sean said...

gosh, when does nathalie find the time to sleep? she runs two restaurants, teaches cooking classes, caters for private dinners, etc. she's a real superwoman! :D

Baby Sumo said...

Can I have the salted caramel macaron please???? I'll be your guinea pig :P

Crazieapple said...

I'll only publicize my macarons once it's up to my standard.. haha had my first go today i wouldn't say it's a disaster but definitely disappointing.. It's really not as easy as it looks..

sean: i actually asked her the same question.. she said she doesnt sleep much.. haha

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