I must be developing a sweet tooth because one fine Monday morning, all I could think about when waking up is those glorious sinfully good cupcakes that was sitting at the counter among the array of sweet bites, haunting me, calling my name and teasing me relentlessly.

How I wish someone could understand the urge sometimes... to really go all the way out there just to get what they want. I swear it wasn’t the Monday blues, neither do I think I was pregnant with sudden special cravings, (although my bloated tummy can sometimes be deceiving, but I swear it was just the beers!) This, my dear friends, is some serious business and to be bugging Crazieapple since the wee morning just shows how far I would go to get what I want, I think the conversation precisely goes like this:-

9.30am on BBM to Crazieapple: “morning!! im craving for cupcakes!!!!”

11.30am on BBM to Crazieapple: “Can you be a sweetheart and help me go tapao some cupcake from slice of heaven pretty please? I’ll be your BFF!! Thanks, Hearts and Kisses!”

3.00pm on BBM to Crazieapple: “Do you think I should go to BSC later after work? I really need those cupcakes….”

5.00pm on BBM to Crazieapple: “Feipoooo, what’s the plan tonight? Cupcake or what??”

6.00pm on BBM to Crazieapple: “I’m OTW home~! Woohoo!! Cupcake awaits!! I need it DESPERATELY”

~At Home~

6.30pm to Crazieapple: “ So what time should we head over to BSC???”

6.40pm to Crazieapple: “I want… I want… I want….” (Merajuk at this point, because Crazieapple was waiting for Mr. W to finish work to go with us)

7.00pm to Crazieapple: “What if the Slice of heaven closes and I cannot satisfy my cravings today???? I’ll DIE” (I was beyond worry at this point)

~8.00pm calls up slice of heaven BSC branch, cannot get through… called Jaya One branch to ask for the outlet to confirm the Opening hours~ Thankfully BSC’s closes at 10pm..”

8.30pm – Finally made it to BSC, with butterflies in my stomach, I walk towards the “Slice of HEAVEN….”

**Note that I carefully wiped out all Crazieapple’s replies, because I detected hints of annoyance and frustrations and some of the replies weren’t very pretty nor polite either…** *Laughs*

So, after one whole day of whining, I’ve got my hands on these babies! Wooooo!

Whilst the coffee cupcake and cherry cheesecake kind of fell short in flavors, with a slightly course texture on the icing for the chocolate cupcake and the overall sour cherry toppings on the cheesecakes, it was the RED VELVET and Sticky Butterscotch that took the spotlight. Wonderfully moist with those to-die-for butter cream. Both choices is my absolute favourite and a must order each and every time.

Then there was also the chocolate durian cake, densely packed with those durian flesh, and minimal sponge coated with sinful chocolate that will make you wish you had burned more calories at the gym before you leave home

Whiny or not, this trip was worth it. Surely they deliver what they preaches, for these desserts tasted “Just Heavenly”


Never say "Never" with these red babies!

Angry Bird Cupcakes!! RM18/piece

Coffee Cupcake RM7.40/piece

Cherry Cheese Cake RM9.90/piece

Sticky Butterscotch RM9.90/piece *Recommended*

Red Velvet Cupcake RM8.40 *Recommended*

Chocolate Durian Cake RM11.90 *Recommended*

Cravings definitely Satisfied! Let's screw calories for one day, shall we?

Indulge these sweet eats with Vineria's Cappuccino which surprisingly packs some good flavours!

A bit weak with their latte, so do consider double espresso shot in them!

Thank you Crazieapple! You're my new BFF (For now!) *smoochies*


Michelle Chin said...

They look really nice! :) Love how the frosting is placed but then again, never am a huge fan of cupcakes

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: yupsss!! de frosting of de butterscotch is especially enticing, isn't it?? :):)

Man Fai said...

I am not a cupcake lover so I pass on this one.

However comment from my cupcake lover sis, Delectable by Su is very nice.

They have branch at Pavilion and Garden, Midvalley.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

The Just Heavenly chocolate durian still reigns supreme on our list of fave durian desserts (and there are very few on that list). Super-yums! :D

AugustDiners said...

Man fai: I dun quite like cupcake that is overly sweet, so fondant is a no go territory for me, something which su loves to use :)

Kenny: do share wit me de rest of your favorites, I seem to have a craving for all things sweet lately hehe!!

ulric said...

Gaaaaarrghhhhh! Desert overload! :P

Never was a fan of cupcakes or macaroons...prefer more savoury deserts :)

AugustDiners said...

Ulric: most guys I know has a thing against dessert, sighhhh I need a guy dessert kaki!!

ulric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ulric said...

I like desserts...just not those overly sweet ones...

Tofu cheese cake n Jikasei milk pudding...here I come...

Sorry...cravings took over for a sec :D

AugustDiners said...

Ulric: haha I like de way you think!

Rebecca Saw said...

I agree with your verdict, some of their desserts are to die for - the durian choc for one. And the brownie bar - cant rmbr the name exactly. The rest were just ok for me.

Augustdiners said...

Rebecca: Have not tried the brownie bar! will do so soon, seems to be frequening to buy desserts here lately. :D

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