I'm contemplating whether to put up a few more shanghai post because: 1. Mom took my camera to KENYA 2. I went to so many good places in Shanghai and i know many people are planning a trip to Shanghai soon so i really hope these amateur guide can help somehow. :)

One of the places you should NOT miss over when you are in Shanghai is 泰康路 (Tai kang rd) or 田子坊 (Tian Zi Fang), known for being the "artsy" street, and is drawing crowds of yuppies, fashionistas, designers and expatriates. Taikang Rd is surrounded by mix of old and new brick houses with narrow lanes, with clothes hanging onto clothing wire/ pole.
You can find many contemporary or traditional artwork here, and many casual cafes is worthy of visits too. Spend a whole day slowly browing through artwork and buy some souvenirs back for the family (generally the souvenirs are cheaper than those in the city). Note: you can negotiate price here

If you are ready to take a break from all those shanghainese food, you should give Kommune a try. Located in one of narrow lane of what seem like a maze in Tian Zi Fang, it might not be easy to locate, but the area is really not that big, so eventually you'll end up to this cafe.

Unlike the Cosmopolitan City of Shanghai, whereby English language can be rarely heard, you'll find yourself surrounded by Foreign conversations in Kommune as mostly expatriates dines here.
You won't even feel like you're in Shanghai- Really.

Food is reasonable but not great, but the atmosphere is really a crowd pleaser. Worth to sit down, relax, and have a cuppa. What's popular here is their big daddy breakfast, comprising of 3 eggs, 3 rashes of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, baked beans & toast. BOYS, if you like you things "HUGE" this is definitely your thing.

Cockney Sparrow (RMB 35)
Mix of apple and pear to quense my thirst under such heat

The Kommune Caesar Salad (RMB45) is recommendable. The greens were fresh and crisp, and i love that they have poached eggs, which was done nicely.

Spit roasted lamb wrap "Gyro Style" with caramelized onions, and creamy cucumber sauce (RMB45) i wished it tasted as good as it sounds. Unfortunately, this left nothing to shout about.
The wrap was really thick and starchy and while theres nothing wrong with the lamb, the seasoning was rather bland.

Kommune's Classic Sandwich with Hot Ham & Gouda Cheese with tomato relish & Chilli sauce (RMB38) comes in pretty big portion, decent tummy comforting food.
We also ordered  pumpkin soup (RMB30) which was not too creamy, but the taste was acceptable.

No.7 Lane 210
Tai Kang Road, Close to Si Nan Rd

Tel: 021-64662416


Sean said...

phew! so there is decent western food in shanghai after all, yay! :D
i'm trying to imagine what this street must have looked like in the 1930s and 1940s... if it existed then!

Ms. Jazz said...

There IS heaps of decent western food in shanghai i think you'll go totally nuts here with your italian explores.

Mmm.. now that you mentioned, i too am curious what it looked like in the olden days, these were built during the old french concession days, down the down is sun zhong shan's residence, but i could be wrong. hehe

vialentino said...

wow the sandwich really looks huge and worth the money....u one person able to finish it?

Ms. Jazz said...

vialentino: Haha, no we couldnt finish it. I'm quite a "small" eater

vialentino said...

wah...sure a not u r a small eater... u can finish the whole tray of prawns ... but the sandwich bread is a bit thick unless it filled up with ur fav prawns ... then maybe u can finish it ...

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