I didnt think i'll say this, but ahh.. it feels good to be back! =D

I enjoyed my trip to Shanghai very much, and took diarrhoea loads of pictures which i would love to share (600 to be exact), but i just don't know where to start!

So let's start with the weather.. (isn't that how one normally start a polite conversation? tee hee)
The weather is crazily humid and HOT. You're looking at about 38 degrees celcius on average with very very few wind. I brought 60SPF sunblock from KL and splattered all over my skin, but all is avail as all the power walking does no good to my once fair skin.
To sum it up, it was basically unbearable hot that we often duck into restaurants and shopping malls to be pampered with the generous air-cons, and this has been a general practice by both of us until the very end of the trip- which explains all the eating, eating and eating.

For starters, i'd like to introduce 复茂小螃蟹 which serves one of the most delicious crayfish EVER. If you're a spicy addict like me, why not give it a try, i'll guarantee that there will not be any dissappointment.
In case you are worried on where to find it, fear not because this popular eat has since branch out to more than 20 chain stores in Shanghai and still counting.
Their specialty is serving up reasonably priced crayfish and baby crab and you'll be spoilt with choices on the types of cooking such as Spicy Salted, Yu xiang, Rod Chilli etc. Most of them comes with different level of spiciness. For weaklings out there you may opt for the mild spicy ones (oh wait, that's me =P)
Their price ranges between 45RMB- 100RMB and those are NOT small portions.

Yummy! I ordered the House Special: Crayfish Marinated Recommendation (RMB 60) for 700g SOOOOO CHEAPPPPP 

The best thing is, i got to finish 'em all, since PK don't take anything spicy!

Plastic Gloves were provided to keep your hands clean while you ply the shells away

Let the feast begin!

I love how there's hint of "MA-LA" spiciness YET the meat is so juicy and fresh!

Mm... im getting really good at this.

Halfway there and still patiently sucking.

Mission Accomplished! *Pats Tummy with satisfied smile*
Took me 1 Hour to eat and talk at the same time!

Food: 8.5/10
(Definitely a must visit!!!!!)

Service: 6/10
(in China's standard it's considered quite good- more about china's service on the next chapter)

Ambience: 6/10
(Clean and Spacious)

Presentation: 7/10
(good portioning)

Overall: 7/10


No. 172, Middle Huaihai Road, Luwan District, Shanghai(near Pu’an Road)

Tel: 021-63855152

For more info, you can refer to their webpage: http://www.xiaxie.com/


Sean said...

omg, that's a lot of crayfish for one person to finish! i'm seriously amazed :D but yeah, it all looks seriously delicious!

vialentino said...

gosh...u finish that portion by urself....respect u and your stomach ... :)

btw, the pudu steamed fish...no idea wat time it close...not really familiar with that area actually.

Ms. Jazz said...

Sean: haha! yes- and what's more amazing is i wasnt even half full! we went for dinner after that. :D

Vialentino: hehe because its just too yummay! *slurps*

vialentino said...

true lah...like my wife said to me...once i love and like the food, sure i can have more than 1 plate ...

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