Tokyo street has finally opened on 29th July! We were so looking forward to Santouka Ramen, which is my absolute favourite ramen in Singapore. But since they don't serve the full menu yet (especially no pork cheek) i dont see the point of writing about it just yet. P/S i didnt think it was as nice as the ones in SG!

What i want to share today however, is GINZA CAFE. A JV Project that involves Asian Reknown F&B group named En Group (whom focuses on japanese cuisine with establishment all over the asean countries, and with strong presence especially in Hong Kong). This time, they are trying something different, GINZA cafe focuses predominantly on bakeries yummies, which i would love to try some day. But what i really want to talk about today is their COFFEE. Brewed fresh from Lavazza coffee beans, this is some serious good coffee, and im loving it. But what really caught our attention was this! THE COFFEE ART

Hello Kitty Cappucino!!!
We girls were so amazed on the sheer detailed that the barista manage to potrait
Got so excited we started being a bit playful

Thank you Raymond (owner +director of en group) for being so accomodating! Apparently his barrista was hailed from JAPAN, a very cute japanese at that.. hahaha. whats better to have a cutie making you cute coffee right?

So apparently Raymond says his barrista can make any cartoon character we want, so we tested him out with this....


HK famous piggie- MAK DAO...
hahaha think he has some difficulty with this because we requested for HOT chocolate, which is probably harder to work on. 

Aside from being good to look at, i'm glad to say that this coffee would be loved by those passionate about coffee

P/S, those coffee art is not guaranteed, and should not be expected on normal coffee orders, but no harm requesting!! :)

Level 6, Tokyo Street
Tel: 03-21480369


Michelle Chin said...

omoooooo mcdulll!!!!!

Baby Sumo said...

Wow really loving the coffee art here... cute! And a cutie making all these too.. double wow :)

Augustdiners said...

michelle: i loveeee mcdull! hehehe

Baby Sumo: Yes, there's really no complain ahahaha. i havnt tried their food but we shall see.

Gregdo said...

Hello from En Group Singapore! Thank you for the lovely review and glad you like the coffee!

Augustdiners said...

Gregdo: thx for dropping by, we enjoyed ourselves very much at ginza cafe :)

Man Fai said...

Thanks for this review. I pass by this place almost everyday since its opening. (Pavilion is within walking distance from my office)

I see their bakery and not too interesting.
But now that I see their coffee art, I am very tempted to try. (^__^)

Augustdiners said...

Man fai: Do go try, if not for the coffee, at least for their special coffee art! but thank goodness the coffee is good too :)

thenomadGourmand said...

Not a coffee person, but I walked into here last week & they got a 30% promo off all their breads! Oh dear, I m tryin to cut dwn on carbs!

AugustDiners said...

Rebecca: u hardly need any weight loss! So fit!! What's u're secret :D

ulric said...

U got to try their Tofu Cheese Cake when u's awesomely silky smooth :D

AugustDiners said...

Ulric: really?? Will def pop by again to sample. The thought of tofu n cheesecake sound too heavenly to miss!! :D

ulric said...

Here's a photo to whet ur appetite :P

jm_wills said...

the foods are nice, but I had a really sloppy rabbit latte art compared to yours and my friend's. Been there for the advertised Japanese barista latte art but I didnt see any japanese barista. The indian barista named Mike made really insincere latte art, could I upload a photo here?

Augustdiners said...

jm_wills: oh no!!! i was told the japanese barrista is tours around a lot, so you probably will have to try your luck to catch him!! by all means please pose the latte art, im curious myself how it turned out!

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