There's just something magical about these colourful petite French darlings. The craze for macarons seems to carry from europe down to south east asia and futher down under back to Augustdiners households.

Luxbite i've heard, was opened by Malaysians (So Proud!!). The brainchild of both experienced pastry chefs (Bernard and Yen), this dessert haven certainly has its fair shares of publicity both in the aussie culinary world as well as foodies like us. People with sweet tooth like us definitely should give this cafe a lookover. From what i've heard, aside from some delishness macarons, eye-popping desserts, this cafe serves some pretty mean breakfast too, care to comment?

Check out the display of these eye candy *slurps*

The thing about macarons is- people are starting to be innovative with their flavors and that’s what I always looked forward to. Take Luxbite for example, they offer 16 mind blowing flavours, many you would have spotted in Nathalie’s but I do yearn for their kaya toast, peanut butter and jelly, and salted caramel again. Now… now… if only these were not many miles away and out of my reach. It’s easier to indulge in this pretty little thing, but when it comes to making them- hmmmm… let’s just say it takes a while to perfect the art of making the perfect macarons shell (i.e. no cracks, and with happy feet! Crazieapple would be nodding her head away in agreement by now)

Thankfully, the ones in Luxbite were light with a slight chewy bite, although we would welcome a little bit more chewy consistency! You’d also have to be careful of some of the choices, as certain flavors can get too unrelenting sweet and you’ll actually cringe. I didn’t quite like the rose and lychee one which tasted a little bit too much with fragrant and the lychee garnache resemble a very sweet paste. *cringe again at the thought*

Apart from their macarons, I’ve heard plenty of good things about their desserts. It is apparently better than their macarons, unfortunately I didn’t have enough space to stomach it during the day but would definitely make a mental note to visit their desserts soon!

Endless Love- Jumbo Heart Shaped Rose Macaroons with raspberry and lychee, so pretty!

Love the teabags!

The cafes has a simple layout with predominantly white furnishing, clean cut and comfortable for weekend shoppers to indulge over a cup of coffee while watching toorak’s passer-bys. Needless to say, after this sinful indulgement, we headed over to our favourite shopping street at Chapel for some much more intensive workout (at the shops and credit cards!) *laughs*

Ending with a pic of me and my babygal, i LOVE bringing her everywhere *hearts!!* <3

38, Toorak Road
South Yarra
Tel: 9867 5888


Baby Sumo said...

Ask crazieapple to come up with some local flavours for her macarons :)

Augustdiners said...

Baby sumo: sure!! But she needs to get her basic right first hahahaha

Sean said...

very cool! wonder if they'll ever open another outlet in KL someday! kaya toast flavor sounds droolworthy :D

AugustDiners said...

Sean: I sure hope so, although malaysians here can still satisfy their macaroons cravings at Nathalie's!!

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Them sure look like LUXurious BITES, no? Love the appearance of the heart-shaped macarons - we oughta see some here in KL soon? Hehe.

Augustdiners said...

Kenny: yesss almost too pretty to eat! I hope to see increase presence of macarons in KL. :D

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