With all the mushroom-sprung chain thai restaurants, it is indeed almost impossible to find a good thai restaurants that made me go twice in a week!! I'm not even talking about My elephant (pfft..), Erawan (Jess's favourite but i don't understand why), Kuntai- (argh.. don't get me started!)..

Behold: Surisit Kopitiam!!!!!

Casual neighbourhood eatery.
We don't need no overwhelming thai-scented room when i'm eating okayyy!! (if you know which restaurant i'm talking about)

Over the past week, i've visited this place twice and attempted to order a variety of choices to try. (Jess claimed that Erawan was so good that she went back there after 1 week. But i went back to Surisit after merely 3 days!! hah! beat that!!) I would say hits > misses.. And i'm declaring this place my favourite Thai restaurant in town!! Extra points for the convenience- it's just located in TTDI.. (just behind Tom, Dick and Harry pub)

 Fried stuff tofu

Beef curry. Tasted great of strong curry fragrant.

 Tom Yung Seafood which is 4 thumbs up!! (including my toes)

They woed my Thai-heart (i'm a BIG fan of thai food) with the perfect balance of sourness and spiciness in this dish. Trust me on this. I'm the girl who cooked tomyum soup for supper every night while i was studying abroad and learned 10thousands combinations on how to perfect the balance of a good tomyum soup. haha

However, My advice is not to order the clear version of tomyum here. Rumour has it that it's disappointing.

 Beef noodle is really yummy too! The beef broth is splurp-ily delicious, i finished the entire bowl of soup!!

 Fried Vermicelli was a great hit too.

 Pineapple fried rice which was a major failure that disappointed my bf. Poor boy was expecting so much from them.. How could have they gone wrong with Pineapple fried rice?? Isn't it the no. 1 thai food?? =(

Fried Soft shell crab which i would say is another miss. No doubt crunchy but overpowered by its batter.

 Stir fried kailan with salted fish. We really needed some fiber.

 The legen-wait-for-it-dary Pad thai...
Oh. i'm so in love and converted. I've never really liked Pad thai but this has made me fell in love..

 Banana flower salad which i didn't try.

 A Very Happy Girl even tho was so worn out from work.
Good food does make me very happy! hehe

 Crispy fried pork
Ordered this one 2 occasions. Definitely Jess's favourite cause it consists of pork. haha

Tub Tim Grob, was just okay. Nothing fancy.

P/s: Do apologize for the really brief narration. I've been mia for so long.. Losing touch of how to do a review already! hehe

On a side note, Surisit is much more affordable- our bill- consisting 12 dishes came down to only 250 ringgit!! For Real?!!?!

I've previously blogged about Kobe Gyu taku yakiniku here, you can read all about it.
I'll keep this post really short. Short even to my standard (and i'm quite a long-winded person) but just because i had a little bit to drink, and i feel like writing something. I decided to share again this wonderful piece of meat - at 12 am in the morning.

Matsusaka beef is getting more expensive. The last i remembered it was RM2400 per kilo, now it has increase to RM3000 per kilo, How much would you pay for your beef?

Started off with some KOBE Beef

Which i think we flipped it slightly too early, anxious much!

Fresh prawns from Argentina which came in huge pieces, the flesh is slightly on the softer side compare to our usuals but the flavours were wonderful

An array of Sushi Selection just to feed us some carbs. The sushi rice here was consensus to be really fresh, nicely seasoned and the rice won't be excessively sourish and sticky but a nice clean texture and taste.

To some this might not be anything new, raw beef sashimi. I came to enjoy it very much

Here comes the Matsusaka beef, every bit as delicious as it looks! It has only been one day but i'm already craving for more!!

Funny how i dont remember writing this at all, but yet it's sitting patiently at my backlog, fully written, waiting for me to post it up!! By the way, does anyone know how to set an index for blogspot? Care to teach? We're clueless.

For those whom crave for seafood in KL in a casual ambience, where do you usually go to? I have no idea, until I chance upon this restaurant- Restaurant Siu Siu.

Set in a non-pretensive ambience on the higher ground at Robson height, it was strangely cooling enough despite it being an open air restaurant with some metal roofing, it was actually a nice change from my usual haunts, and I was set to get my hands dirty that night.

It helps that the restaurant is relatively simple to locate, although you might get a bit confuse with the narrow roads and jungle-like surroundings but direct accessible off Federal highway. Restaurant Siu Siu is near kuen cheng school further up from tien hou temple. Plenty of carparking spaces opposite the restaurant with a minimal fee.

Our expectations heighten, and like an excited child we were, we looked forward to many items that were well written by the food bloggers. Claypot Crab Rice being one of them that was frequently mentioned. Sure enough, out came a piping hot claypot with one medium sized crab sitting handsomely on a bed of rice that was filled with dark soya sauce. Indeed the aroma of crab drift to my senses and can I say that its “crabilicious??” (is there such words? If not you hear it here first. =P). I enjoyed the fact that the rice texture is nicely separated and not at all lumpy. We slopped up all the rice before getting down and dirty with the crabs, fresh with decent amount of flesh.

As if one is not enough, two’s definitely not too crowded, salted egg yolk crab blew our minds away, we love the intensity of the gravy and how it blend so well with the sweet crab flesh. This calls for some finger licking practices.

Another thumbs up dish would be their claypot milky prawn. We wanted to order the Vietnamese prawn curry, but the lady boss seem adamant to put the order through, instead recommending the milky prawn because it goes better with the “claypot crab rice”. Now, this is some serious business going on- I mean food pairing at an informal Chinese restaurant? I’d have to applaud for her determination. There was a whimper or two on the recommendation of course since I had my eyes set on the latter dish, but I was quickly muffled by the subtle buttery flavours of the sauce that marriage so well with the prawns. Accompanies really well with rice too. Screw carb diet.

Restaurant siu siu also prides themselves on their fresh river fish and we are spoilt with 15 choices! Their supply was sourced from local rivers of perak and Pahang. We ordered a fish too, but I was embarrass to admit I forgot which type it was (I suspect river patin). But rest assured it tasted decent.

Seafood aside, we’ve also ordered the char siew, taste wise OK, it’s a pity that the meat is too lean to my liking, causing the meat to be less moist than it can be.

Last but not least, Guiness pork ribs and some greens.

All these food for four of us! *pats tummy*

All-in-all, a very nice place for seafood, and yes I would definitely visit again within short period.

Restaurant Siu Siu
15-11 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
Robson Heights

Tel: 016-3708555 

Intermark is looking increasing promising in their F&B varieities thanks to Mr. B.I.G BEN, whom has brought in Estate, Tate, and T Forty Two into the building. Brilliant guy. I absolutely loved TATE which reminded me of Melbourne’s Supper Club (shall dedicate this post to another day when I’ve tried more of their cocktails)

ESTATE being one of B.I.G Group’s higher- end dining outlet, is one refreshing change to their other casual outlets that seems to flood the city, i.e. Bens, Plan B, T Forty Two etc. I can hardly keep up.

The ambiance of the place is noteworthy, retro-styled, relaxing and cosy would be the first things that illustrated in my mind. A small corner was allowed for live band which we thoroughly enjoyed the other day. This is the swanky cool place you will want to spend time chatting away with friends, or conduct an informal dinner meeting, or even have a cosy dinner with your beau.

You will find some similarities in most of their menu- simplicity and limited. The one page spread menu saw prices slightly steep with starters averagely priced at RM30-40, Main Course with a range from RM40+- RM160 being priciest item in the menu. Desserts are aplenty – albeit interesting ones that are worth exploring. But caught my eyes with a little blinking sign is the selection of imported bottled beers that they offered! You really got to love them for it.

The Must must must order otherwise don’t forgive yourself dish is the Truffle Poached Egg on Soft Polenta – With Wild Mushroom & parmigiana reggiano drizzle with Truffle Oil (RM29.90). You can almost never fail with this combination. Those truffle scents has absolutely captivated my senses, truly a melt in your mouth treat. Another place that serves this killer dish is FLAMS in Changkat (not sure whether they are still operating though?)

Steamed Mussel in Provencal sauce (RM49.90). While Crazieapple made fantastic Mussel Pot, the ones served in ESTATE is none too shabby, the mussels were fresh and blends well with the wine broth, but only a tinge too salty to our liking. Of course you have a choice of tomato-based sauce too.

Crab Caesar Salad tossed in lumped crab meat and runny poached eggs (RM39.90) was just as good. We thoroughly enjoyed the crunchy romaine greens, with the chunky croutons. I’m trying to gauge the extra flavours from the usuals which I’m guessing either lime or anchovies. Whatever it was, the extra acidity made a world of difference to this otherwise simple dish.

Onto the mains, after a solid starting point and being sucker for crustaceans, we’ve ordered two portion of Spicy Half Lobster Linguine with baby spinach, caramelized shallots and tomato confit (RM99.90). The lobster served half with shelled and all was visually arresting and the lobster flesh was excellent- just slightly below cooked with a nice sweet flavor. The pasta whilst being soft (more than al dente) was nicely executed with bustling asian flavours. Just think asian infused aglio olio. Me Likey

Cote De Boeuf – Austrlian Grilled Sirloin steak, served with grilled bone marrow , duck fat potatoes, topped with pickled salsa, arugula salad with White balsamic dressings (RM159.90) sounded too good that despite being the priciest main course on the menu, we felt we just had to try it. Turns out the dish was less than impressive. We didn’t enjoyed the steak texture, which did not part easy with the knife and it was overcooked to medium well (though we’ve asked for medium) . Interesting with the bone marrow, sinful and good to eat on its own but not sure we liked the pickled salsa which sits on top of the bone marrow creating an overpowering taste to the overall item- portion suitable for 2

As far as the “Estate Mess” goes- with a mess of meringue chunks, fresh fruits, fresh cream and orange jelly served with strawberry sorbet. (19.90), it was pleasant to look at indefinitely, but I didn’t like how the way they did their meringue, I always preferred them in a marshmallow sticky form.

Chocolate Crepe with salted caramel sauce and chocolate ice cream (RM15.90) was a sweet comfort and a good way to end the meal.

Estrella Inedit from Spain 750ml for (RM76), a good selection for those whom enjoy smooth and less gas-sy ale. They have a good list of european beers such as spain;s Voll-Damm and A.K. Damm (RM25), UK beer (Fullers), and Itlay Birra Menabrea (RM26)

Scratching your head on what to eat this week? Give ESTATE a go, despite their hit and misses of the menu, the restaurant is still a promising place to ensure a pleasant dining experience and i will definitely visit them again. Our bill came up to approx RM200 per person with Beer. Remember to head to TATE after dinner, you won't regret it, just be careful with the wallet as it may just poke a hole through yours.


Food: 6/10

Ambience: 8/10
(always a winner)

Service: 8/10
(swift, attentive, and friendly)

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Ground Floor,
The Intermark
Jalan Tun Razak

Tel: 03-21612368

Before you start groaning and whining how much you hate this over-rated, superficial, meaningless day     (just because you're single),  let's not forget why this day existed.

Valentine's day is all about expressing your love, not only for your partner/ other half, it is also about loving your family and friends. Express your gratification for those who were there when you needed a shoulder to cry for, your lovely friends who were there to take care of the drunk annoying you, your mother who took care of you when you were sick, your sister whom you threw tantrum at when you had a bad day at work..

What's your plan for this Valentine's Day this year? Share them with us ♥♥♥

P/s: Ms Jazz hate this day the most and she hides under her blanket watching korean drama with a box of tissue next to her every year!! LOLOLOL!!!

- Crazieapple (who has been MIA much)-

It was one of those days where we have one too many holidays over the CNY that we decided to drive 40 minutes away from town to a place famous for their seafood, Kuala Selangor. This is mainly because they are located near the Selangor River and we were able to get one of the freshest catch of the day at a very reasonable price. This area has somewhat became commercialized with city people commuting down here to get those out of city experiences to enjoy a cheap seafood feast on the stilts along the river bank. Further with the development of Latar highway provided even more convenient access to us City Folks

Kuan Hwa Seafood Restaurant should be no stranger for most locals. Simple and casual dining where you can work your hands dirty, slurping noisily and all that. Overlooking the riverbanks already gives an impression that you’re in for some fresh seafood especially when fishermen’s boat seems to pass by every 5 minutes. But it is no illusion because overall the seafood was indeed very fresh, some with flesh that’s so sweet, that you can just steam it and eat it with some spicy sauce by the side. Best part is, this is a pork free restaurant so it’s quite friendly to all racial groups.

There were only few of us that day but we wasted no expense to order as much as our tummy can carry because hey-after all we’ve drove so far for them right?

Started with Steam See Hum and 螺 (some form of snail) cooked in the most simplistic manner- Steam. When the plate of See Hum was served I was quite skeptical of those closed shell which almost occupies half the plates since I’ve always had the perception that closed seafood shell equates to not fresh! But fear not with these, it was perfectly fresh, each and every one of them. The best part is their killer spicy sauce.

Lala Fried Mee Hoon is a must order. Forget those white rice now you Chinese!! because this would be a good alternative for carbs! Not overly heavy so you can focus more on seafood. Now- Be good.

Salt & Pepper Mantis Prawns 椒盐濑尿虾was definitely worth the order, and possibly one of my favourite of the day. Came in a good size, the flesh was succulent, easy to fall off the shell with some really nice bite to it. The fact that it was nicely coated with spice seasoning on the outer shell later while manage to maintain the fresh prawn taste on its flesh without overpowering it deserves a plus point to this dish.

Sambal Sotong was equally good. The sambal sauce was tasty without being too strong that you can still taste the freshness of the squid which was cook perfectly. Neither too soft nor too cooked.

Clam Soup in Superior Broth 上汤啦啦 using a thicker shell version called the “Kapar”, the superior broth is comparatively lighter than the ones served in KL that likes to sometimes overdose on the cooking wine and ginger. The ones served here has minimal of those seasoning, almost mocking us with the “I don’t need anything because I am THAT fresh” attitude. Pff!

Steam pomfret in soya sauce like this also prove that simplicity can also be a delight, it totally won me over.

Kam Heong Crab 甘香螃蟹 focuses predominantly on the sauce which can get finger licking good (or messy) but in this case, although flavourful on its own way, the sauce was slightly different from the ones I’ve eaten in the City. It was nevertheless an enjoyment though I still preferred my regular kam heong in town!

Let's get down and dirty!

You know what’s best to eat these with? Pop me a couple of beers and I’m ready to sing hallelujah. Our bill came up to approximately RM400 with good portion for 10pax. But we’ve only have 6 of us I think. (there’s 2 more dishes that I’ve not taken photos of) Greedy Much?

P/S a little of sightseeing and shopping facts: Go check out the fresh seafood market and bring home some fresh river catch. Otherwise, you can also visit the firefly park located not too far off from the seafood restaurants.

Kuan Hwa Seafood Restaurant

No. 1A, Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu
Pasir Penembang
45000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS coordinate: N03 21.108, E101 14.956
Tel: 03-32896719 /016-213 8070

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