Despite being called The "August" Diners, it doesn't really mean that we only consume overpriced luxury food ALL THE TIME..

We are indeed normal human beings, who love squatting next to cockcroach infested drains, eating filthily prepared food as long as we don't watch the process of doing so and as long as it taste good!! hehe (ok, even so, i wont lead you into fine details to gross you out, i promise)

I'm sure Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee is no stranger to most of you readers out there, but to those who are being cheated by replicas of the real shitz, let me lead you to THE light..


I shall not encourage my fellow writers to be lazy to take our own photos.. But really, it's quite embarassing for an auditor (in her working clothes) to use her damn blackberry to snap pictures in front of other 50++ working people and your own colleagues. So, pls forgive me this one time!!
Well at least i did take photos of my own pan mee ok?? Gimme some credit pls..

Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee existed since 20 years ago.. It is no surprises since it IS indeed the best one i've ever tasted. Period.

There's just something about the noodles, that they made themselves. Call me a lousy reviewer, but its really quite difficult if i need to use my limited vocab to describe the taste.

I suspect it's the chili doing its talking. It is so good that there are apparently cases where people tried to sneak some chili paste out of the restaurant and get caught red handed!!! (Hence, the warnings written on the tile wall).
Though it's really yummy, pls "test the water" before feeling too greedy about the amount of chili you decide to throw in. Surely you wont wanna go back to your office looking like Lindsay Lohan after her lip pumps. NOT sexy.

Source: Google Image

The usual orders you should conform to. (If not, the auntie might not even want to serve you)
:Ice Leong Cha (Herbal Tea), Chili Pan Mee, Extra "Liu" (fish balls, meat balls, beancurd skin etc)

Despite being warned by many regarding the uncouth and crude attitude that i might be getting upon my visit there, i was SURPRISINGLY being greeted pretty politely by the lady boss, directing me to a table under the fan, and the boss was nicely enough to apologize as our soup was taking longer than usual to arrive.

So, to those who were rudely served, i can only say one thing:
just kidding!!
Apparently they are more grumpy on weekends, so do avoid if you can! =) Don't say that i didn't warn you..


Food: 8/10

Ambience: Not applicable- really.
Chili Pan Mee with nice ambience?? You should really be expecting bad tasting ones.

Service: 6/10
It's really for you to judge. Some might even give a -1.

Overall: There's really no overall.
The entire point of visiting KinKin is not to have a nice romantic dinner and expect a 5 Star service. It's more like, sit, order, eat, pay, leave.


40 Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Chow Kit.

Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, turn left when you see the Honda showroom. Turn left again, Kin Kin is located in the midst of mechanic shops.
Just use GPS (like me)


crusader said...

I used to go to this place quite often as my old office is nearby. The food is absolutely fantastic and with a comparable - Super Kitchen right across the street, I still feel that Kin Kin is the best. However, that being said - the service is awful! Especially during the weekend. I once brought my guess from Jakarta there and had to wait 50 minutes for the food!

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