I’m starting this year’s entry with HIT & MRS, it was definitely a sound choice as the hits outweigh the misses in this tiny but handsome menu, which we were told it changes quite frequently which should keep things interesting and warrant regular visits. There is this one thing that irk me though is the misleading prices on the menu, for if you don’t look closely enough, you will be under the impression that all small bites are RM35, main courses RM55 and desserts RM25, mislooking this super fine print under unfair low lighting that says “* addition RMxx surcharge”. Or was it just me whom missed it?

That aside, the locality of the restaurant is nestled in the quiet elite neighbourhood of Bangsar, HIT & MRS occupy one double storey shop lot which they hack the whole of back wall to create a wider and open spaces that encourage cross ventilations and in a comfortable temperature. B.I.G Group has again hit the right notes with its killer combination of good food, good tunes, and good ambience (in this case it’s a bit of rustic charm at the bottom levels and olden Chinese influence on the top floor which is pretty refreshing and I wouldn’t mind chilling with my girlies over gossips with a drink or two at the upper bar /lounge areas), With a dining seating capacity of 20-30pax only, we would strongly recommend reservation prior your visit. Servers weren’t particularly friendly, but they could be easily ignored (since it seems they hardly came to our table unless I gun them down to clear the empty plates)

We didn’t get to sample too many dishes during the visit mainly because 2 of my girlies decide to be vegetarian and ate as little as just a salad.

For starters, both us that were carnivores of the night opted for Foie gras with peanut butter and jam (RM45), which was an interesting combination- sweet with a tinge of saltiness (from the peanut butter) goes surprisingly well with the plump foiegras that were seared to its right doneness.

Hit & Mrs. weren’t vegetarian friendly (and from their facebook feedback from customers neither were they baby friendly due to space constraint), but they were kind enough to offer their special salads with a mild dressing which my friend commented it was close to tasteless so in goes her tobascos, salt, and ground pepper just to zinc the flavors up a notch.

My recommendation goes to their main- the lamb rack with barley and mash (RM70) as a side was absolutely beautiful and plays excitedly to my palate. Cook to my preferred medium-pink, and still able to achieve a close to melting texture with a delicate bite or two that got me melting with happiness, and of course I lapped every single pieces of the barley and mash and this seldom happens.

The Brill Fish from Netherland (RM95) was a special of the week and it comes with Gnocchi and Celeriac. Can’t really fault this dish either as it was done with precision of good flavouring and freshness. I did also enjoy the cute lil gnocchi with a nice semi-soft bite. My friend too, lapped the whole plate dry

Then it comes to our desserts- which, in our opinion was so-so. But if we were to choose our favourites, it has got to be Peanut Butter with Chocolate Textures(RM25).

We weren’t too impress with the Vanilla, Banana, and Port Wine Ice (RM25) and especially came to dislike the Rhubarb, raspberry and milk ice (RM35)- which we’ve commented to the server whom told us that most customers do enjoy this very much so it’s either that it was just us, or you’ve got to have an acquired taste to enjoy this.

Washing down the meal with an easy to drink white wine Saint Clair Grunier Veltiner (RM140), cheers to a new year and new culinary journeys.

All-in-all, we enjoyed our dining experiences here most part because of good company, and I also look forward to more of BIG’s new innovative creations. They have never failed to impress and set the bar up for F&B industry to constantly need to evolve and put in a bit of risk here and there. HIT& MRS. goes into the list of my favourite Big’s along with Estate, Tate, and S.Wine.

(yay to main, nay to desserts)
Ambience: 8.5/10
(A sound choice for those whom enjoy casual yet cosy environment)
Service: 5/10
(What service? To be fair they were unattentive but not downright rude)
Presentation of Food: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


Hit & Mrs.
No. 15 & 15A,
Lorong Kurau, Bangsar
Tel: 03-22823571
(reservation recommended)


devilck said...

I've only been there for their brunch, would like to go back to try the dinner.
I must try the Foie gras with peanut butter and jam, since I love peanut butter and foie gras so much! hehehe

Sean said...

love your first pic of the foie gras, it's making me feel like foie tonite :D i wonder if there's the risk/possibility that the BIG group might eventually take over many of the shophouses on this street, heh :D

Baby Sumo said...

Yet to visit this place but have heard a lot from other blogger friends.

ulric said...

The lamb rack with barley and mash looks incredibly mouth-watering! =)

AugustDiners said...

ckiong: Wow! ive never tried their brunch, i wonder if its any good.

Sean: With the rate they are going, i wont be surprise, or u have some insider news, share! :D

Baby Sumo: it is worth a visit, at least hehe!

ulric: that's my favourite dish of the night, hands down

eiling lim said...

can't wait to try their dinner menu here soon. Looking great all of you!

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