The simple pleasures in life... pancakes!
Throwing to the back of my mind on any thoughts of dieting, and through last minute planning, we decided to make pancakes on the Sunday morning with complements of melted semi-sweet chocolate, strawberry jams, pancake syrup, and the o-so-glorious-yet-sinful whipped cream.

The lazy chef sits on the chair while she waited impatiently for her pancake to be done.
OH~ whoever wants to eat have to cook their own. That is the rule set by the breakfast club

End product. There's no such thing as too much cream!! *lick fingers* Guilty much?

The secret lies within this marvellous package. A pre-mix content that requires minimal ingredients. Just pop in a couple of eggs and some water and you are set to go.
In fact, one reknown pancake chain is using this very same pre-mix, the name shall not be known here. hehe
but seriously how many pancake chain do you know right? =)

With all these people scrutinizing and involvement on product in progress, u'd think that this is some sort of rocket scientist instead of something as simple as making pancake (pre-mix summore) haha

Stay tuned for more on Breakfast Club!!


Baby Sumo said...

Pancakes look yum... and yr house is gorgeous!

Sean said...

open a breakfast club cafe! i'd eat here! :D

Augustdiners said...

baby sumo: thank you! hehe

Sean: when we do open one, u'll be the first to be invited. haha

Crazieapple said...

hahaha maybe we should invite some food bloggers and set up a real breakfast club some day?? =p

AugustDiners said...

need to brush up the skills first. next up! cornfritters top with extra fattening bacon and sour cream and avocado puree and finish off with some relish.
Wish me luck!

Michelle Chin said...

Is that where you live?

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: yes it is! :)

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