Unlike China, their culture predominantly focuses towards tea with history that goes way back, but even then for the past decade, the effects of globalizations has seen giant coffee chain such as Starbucks to set its footnote on the land of the chinese. The response from the Chinese were overwhelming, now it seems they treat Starbucks as their "ideal" coffee place.
Augustdiners had a rather funny experience during the last trip to China, whereby a local chinese brought us around town and exclaim to us that she'll bring us to the best coffee place with a nice atmosphere. When ask what's the name of the coffee place, she had difficulty pronouncing the names and told us instead we will find out upon our arrival.
That being said, it definitely perked our curiosity and imagine our expression when STARBUCKS loomed in front of us.
We really tried hard not to LOL to refrain from being too rude... but LOL!!! Like.. seriously?

p.s. dont get me wrong, i do enjoy my starbuck fix but im not too sure about it being the best...

Malaysia on the other hand has more exposure to coffee and it reflects our cultural characteristic mix of Malaysia.
I'm pretty sure Malaysians are familiar with Kopitiam aka Coffee Shops. Coffee in the basic form are called "Kopi-O, Kopi-See, Kopi Kao, Cham etc..." Our typical breakfast can start off with some basic toast with half-boiled egg and a cuppa coffee while engaging our attention to the newspaper.

While those traditions are still going strong (with prove of modernized kopitiam like oldtown and pappa rich which seems to have conquer the nation), i'm more incline with the western coffee culture. Give me a latte or cappuccino over a kopi-o any other day. *embrace wicked criticism* i know i know, i admit i'm not much of a country lover and is perfectly fine with contributing half my income to the foreign economy...

 So how do i differentiate a good coffee? I'm no expert so whatever i'm saying next is just base on my own preference and opinion.

Really it's quite simple and it involves 3 of our main senses. SIGHT, SMELL, TASTE.
And often it goes it that sequence

Imagine a perfectly smooth looking foam spread over the coffee mug like an artform. Milk substance creating abstract leaflike shape. And Ode JOY~ of receiving LOVE every single morning. Coffee Art has always been popular in Australia, but scarcely seen in Malaysia.

 After being delighted by the visuals, came the aroma. The scent of freshly brewed coffee awakes all senses. The body, the flavours taunting, and calling my name... ohhh the tease!!

As i inch them carefully to my lips, closed my eyes and slowly devour every bits of the complexity in flavours..
it was perfect. Temperature was right with a distinct punch of caffeine roasted from the premium coffee beans, and ahhhh~ i love how the foam surrounds me, like a light fluffy cotton keeping me warm. 

A good blend of Graffeo with the experienced barrista gives me just that.

All pictures are taken from Coffee Chemistry Cafe
For more info about their offerings, check out their facebook here

I can safely say that they offer one of the better coffee in town.

Can you share with us where in town you think serves really good coffee?

Sunway Giza Mall
Kota Damansara
(above Movida)


Baby Sumo said...

Oh I like the way u describe coffee... you make it sound so sexy!

"As i inch them carefully to my lips, closed my eyes and slowly devour every bits of the complexity in flavours..it was perfect. Temperature was right with a distinct punch of caffeine roasted from the premium coffee beans, and ahhhh~ i love how the foam that surrounds me, like a light fluffy cotton keeping me warm."

Sean said...

definitely passes the 'sight' test. a work of art in a cup :D

vialentino said...

wow...thanks for the great review and appreciate your feedback so much ... c u and sean soon again ... just come and lepak and enjoy the coffee there ... on me the next round ... this mr. crusader so busy till din comment one ... but he did order many coffee from us ... hahaha

btw, i din see this coffee art myself before ... esp the one without the choc line drawing... hahaha ...

dont mind i publish ur post in the fb site right?

AugustDiners said...

baby sumo: drinking it makes me feel sexy *wink*

Sean: definitely impressive!

vialentino: haha, we will go secretly again so that you don't fork our bill~~ crusader probably doesnt like my review. hahaha
The coffee art is very good! keep it up and feel free to post it to your FB! :D

Michelle Chin said...

My apartment in Melbourne. Hahahahahahahaha. My sister makes the best instant coffee peppered with love.

Okay, to be honest? Hilton KL. Go give Senses a shot and try their coffee.

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: perhaps i shud do a detour to your place when i pop by melbourne! hehe

Hilton Senses? Thanks for the tippers, shall give it a try soon! *fingers crossed* like within this year? :D

thenomadGourmand said...

I'm happy for Johnson! He seems to have got it right! ;)

AugustDiners said...

rebecca: yep! i do enjoy the coffee there very much! If there's a good selection of desserts, then i'm sold! :D

Nikel Khor said...

the coffee i like it very much.. look nice with those flowering

AugustDiners said...

nikel: yes! it's very pretty, isnt it? :)

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