Hanare in The Intermark was one of the newest Japanese eatery which was much hyped and gushed over by many re-known foodies, they are known for bringing in freshest ingredients directly from the fresh markets in Japan. Despite the worries of radiation infected possibilities, they still insist that their raw food is still directly imported from Japan but gave assurance that any imported food has been certified with clearance letter from both immigration- Japan and Malaysia. And are we assured? Hell no.

Despite it all (u know women being co-related to hypocrite and all) =P, we still ordered sashimi, tataki, and oyster (raw, raw, and raw) and ignored the nagging voice at the back of our mind.

Prices are exorcist. Do not come here without at least RM200 in your pocket (per person). The Zen-like ambiance with soothing brown tone and spacious tables signal quiet and slow dinners.

We started off with ½ dozen of fresh oysters (RM70), Amayzing commented that it is one of the better ones she had in a long time. And I suggest you stick by her words. I’ve ate with her dozens of times and never once she left a restaurant without complaining about the oysters =)

Moriawase (RM160) which Hanare proudly proclaim that it’s imported from Tsukuji fresh market. This is suitable for 2-3 pax and it consist of assorted sashimi such as salmon, tuna belly, scallop, yellowtail, and snapper. I can’t quite say I enjoyed it as much as I wish to, because of that nagging tone behind my head screaming- radiation! Nevertheless to be fair, the raw cut was in thick slices and it tasted rather fresh. I had a good time with my chutoro

Wagyu Tataki (RM95) was lightly seared and mildly marinated. A dish that was simply carried out yet able to create the delightful melting sensation.

Negi Toro (RM95), I cannot justify the price of this dish given that it came with such measly portion, it is after all just tuna sashimi chopped up in small pieces, marinated with their special ingredients, and accompanied by spring onions and wrapped in seaweed. But to give credits, the few components goes really well together, it’s just the price (sigh!)

Shiokara (RM18), squid with was heavily salted; the traditional making of this dish is to fermented it for up to a month, hence creating a rare taste of fishiness that resembles anchovies. This is something different to my food context, and i must say that I quite like it.

On the hot plate, we’ve ordered the Kinoko (RM25) mixed mushroom, and chicken teppanyaki. Both are fairly forgettable.

Nothing spectacular with their Unagi Tamago, Japanese eel wrapped in cooked omelet. But anything to do with eggs, I’m good to go.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyed dish of the night (probably because it’s not raw- i'm not too good with raw food in general) Inaniwa tsuke udon (RM35) was served cold with warm chicken and vegetable broth on the side. The noodles came with wonderful chewy consistency and are slightly soften when being dipped into the warm broth. A perfect marriage of flavor as the broth was light without overpowering the natural taste of the noodles.

For desserts, we had the rice flour dumpling, red bean with green tea ice-cream (RM24)

While I felt that the food in Hanare is somewhat overpriced, with nothing that wowed me thus far, I heard that their champagne brunch is quite a steal – which is only available on Sunday. For RM298++, you enjoyed vast list of buffet items and hear this (its free flow of G.H.Mumm’s Champagne and Hakutsuru Sake all the way). I mean, who’s complaining about the price now, I know I won’t since I can eat all I want, and my friends all know how scary I could get with buffets (Kiasu is my first, middle, and last name). But for non-alcoholic options, RM150++ is all you’ve got to pay.

Considering their ala-carte with limited choices cost around that much, and most items in the menu is offered in the buffet spread, I’d suggest you to consider the buffet instead when dining in Hanare.


Food: 6.5/10
(fresh, uncommon ingredients used. I heard they served fugu here on seasonal basis)

Ambience: 7/10
(suitable for those who looks for a quiet night out)

Service: 7/10

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall: 6.5/10


Hanare Japanese Restaurant
Grnd Floor, The Intermark
Jalan Tun Razak, KL

Tel: 03-2164 2133


Sean said...

I'm looking forward to revisiting sometime next month, cos apparently there'll be a special sushi chef joining them! But yeah, it'll be a scary meal for our wallets! There are quite a few items I haven't ordered on their a la carte menu because of the cost (including the chopped tuna belly)...

Baby Sumo said...

I received an email newsletter from Hanare saying that tomorrow is the last buffet until further notice. So go tomorrow if you were planning to!

Michelle Chin said...

I want to go there. I want to go there!

ulric said...

Been there for their non-alkie buffet.

It's nice...but lacks variety n deserts.

Expected more since it created a big hole in my wallet. :(

AugustDiners said...

sean: sounds interesting! the special sushi chef will hopefully improve and expand their menu? yeah some of the dishes were priced ridiculously

Baby Sumo: oh no! i just read your comments! guess i missed out :(

Michelle: come back kl! haha

Ulric: yeah i reckon so, but with RM150 still ok considering the al carte menu is quite expensive already.

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