Hi guys! Things has been crazy this CNY, we almost hardly have a breather! Almost every day it was open houses, gathering dinners, company functions, etc etc and the list goes on, and the number of yee sang I had this year is ridiculous too, let’s just say I won’t wish to see those colourful platter appearing in front of me anytime soon.

I told myself I should get back to regular blogging, and I’m sorry we haven’t been. But this I’ve got to introduce to everyone. It’s not exactly new. It’s not exactly my area of familiarity (in fact I’ve got lost for 2 hours looking for this place)! It’s under exposed, under blogged but is it really worth all the trouble?

YES IT IS apparently.

Iwate Ramen is located in the busy commercial area of Sri Petaling. The restaurant capture a good crowd and with no doubt appeals to the mainstream customers. It was my first time in this area and I was genuine surprise of the ample of food selection. I had a difficult time weaving through the congested street rather impatiently as I was very very very late for my lunch appointment

Their Specialty, of course is their ramen- with a vast varieities to choose from such as soft bone pork ribs, Fresh oysters, mixed mushrooms etc, we were absolutely spoilt with choices. I’m spotting one call the “hell ramen” for my next visit which is apparently helluva spiciness, and I’m always up for that challenge. The ramen are reasonably priced around RM13-RM20+. Apart from Ramen, there is also a good mix of other Japanese varieties.

Can I even say that this is better than Santouka Ramen in Pavillion? I think I just did.

It is their rich aromatic pork broth which was cooked for over 12 hours, was served warm that has a definitely edge over the popular Santouka.  So flavourful, and addictive. The only thing perhaps that irks me is the noodles texture wasn’t as springy as I hoped for, but it was nevertheless good enough for me.

Soft bone pork ribs ramen

Different way of gyoza. Quite unmemorable though.

The ramen and sauce is the creation of Chef Chris the creator of Iwate Ramen 岩手拉面 that started off in HK, which one local DJ Jeff has persuaded him through his passion to open an outlet in KL, and for that we are glad.

Iwate Ramen 岩手拉面
123, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-90574909/ 012-3999563
Opening hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Closed on Tuesday


Michelle Chin said...

Hopefully i get to try this before i head back to melbourne. i just don't wanna return so fast!

Baby Sumo said...

Man, this is so close to me. I need to go try it.

boo_licious said...

Wow. Even better than the Pavilion one. Die die must try as they say in Spore. Thanks for the tip.

Baby Sumo said...

Have tried the noodles today - indeed nice. Plus it's super convenient for us. Thanks for the recommendation.

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: dun worry melbourne has really decent ramen too! U r not losing out (:

Baby sumo: wow! Uve tried it already? I'm glad you like them!

Boo: Hahaha! Yesssssss u die die must try!

ulric said...

Hey...this is in my neighbourhood...kept on trying to find this place to no avail :(

Are they located in the first floor or is there any landmark nearby? Gotta try this since it's better than Santouka :)

ulric said...

Found it! I think I was confused as previously their signage was Soular Pot...now it's properly signed as Iwate Ramen...*says confusion-addled ulric* :)

AugustDiners said...

ulric: did u try? did u like?

Baby Sumo said...

Yalor, I read your blog then I went the next day. Haha! It's very convenient for me, I think their broth is similar to Gokuraku Ramen in MV.

ulric said...

Not yet...soon soon :)

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