Probably one of the only few places in KL that serves good kobe beef. The heart and soul of Chef Miyasan and his passion for good quality japanese dining, Kobe Gyutaku Yakiniku is located in a strategic location of the buzzling SS15, surprisingly not many people have dined in this restaurant before. Chef's insistent on exclusivity with very few tables in a 2-storey shop lot converted restaurant, and emphasize on quality rather than quantity may be admirable, but we were kind of worried since they were serving such niche market (at the very beginning of operation, they only served beef with very limited choices on other variety and at an exorcist price!) However, looking at their website i realised that they have expanded their menu and adjusted their price to make it more diners friendly. Thank god for that.  

As a starter, we had assorted sashimi, with the finest toro cut, and salmon belly. Fresh and tender, if only slightly thicker.

We were then serve individual portions of various types of sushis, again all tasting fresh and well made. The particular one that caught my eye and tastebud is the mango sushi.

Our very intention of going to Kobe Gyutaku is because Chef has imported some Grade A5 Matsusaka 松阪牛 and wanted us to try. We ordered 3KGS, each kilo costing RM2400. Our dinner that night cost us a good RM10K.

One of the many slices we've had that night. It taste so heavenly, i almost swear not having any other types of beef ever again. Matsusaka beef is slightly on the fatty side, which i suspect is what made it taste so delicious. Perfectly cut and presented, the texture was smooth (not melt in your mouth type of sensation) but soft and tender. Chef kept the marination to the minimum, wanting us to try the original taste of the beef. On the side,we were given japanese soya sauce with small splash of sesame seed fot those salty lovers *thats me!*

A little knowledge from wikipedia on why this particular range of beef is so costly. Known as the "GOD of all beef kind" even superior than Kobe beef in Japan. Matsusaka is produced from virgin cows, fed and raised in quiet serene area, and is fed plenty of fodder, ground wheat, and beer. They also receive regular massages with straw brushes after being sprayed with shochu and are taken out for daily afternoon walk. Soothing music is also played to "calm" them and promote better quality beef

Beef Beef and more Beef, is there such thing as too many beef? I think not. =P

Danny the manager was quick to assist us to get the perfect "browning" to prevent from overcooking.
Because of its excessive oil from the beef fats (not that im complaining) Yuzu sorbet sounds like a perfect end to our delicious Matsusaka beef experience. Also recommend to try their sesame ice cream which is creamy and flavourful.

In between plenty of wine, sake, and wine again- we were a happy bunch, time to head down the gym for some guilt filled exercising.


Kobe Gyutake Yakiniku
No. 52, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya,

Tel: 03- 5638 2923


Crazieapple said...

OMGGGGG.. Look sooo good!!! WHy u all always go eatr good food without me!!! =(

Ms. Jazz said...

Haha, u wanna swap countries with me? cuz i sure dont mind!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

10k!??? oh lalala..u do have a big wallet to eat hor

but yeah after u eaten this kinda beef, u can never look back

AugustDiners said...

Joe: haha. i was lucky that i did not need to pay to enjoy such a divine slab of meat! :D

fatboybakes said...

10k??? and you didnt have to pay? pray tell, where can i find such a benevolent sponsor?

AugustDiners said...

FBB: if i tell, i'd have to kill ya :D

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