I've been meaning to blog about Food in Sydney for some time but Blogger.com is throwing a b*itch fit at me.. Problems with uploading too many photos.. So i'm settling for Food in Sydney's Chinatown for now..

It's safe for me to say that i'm a pretty good food expert in Sydney seeing that i'm there at least once a year..

But never have i experienced their Chinatown night market (apparently they are closed during Winter, and i only visit Sydney in September almost every year, except this year-i went in April) The weather was still pretty breezy and sometimes hot, allowing them to hold this awesome food market!!!

Sydney's Chinatown is definitely more happening than Melbourne's.. =(

Taiwan snacks store.. At some point, i thought i was really in Taiwan!!

Must eat: their chili cuttlefish and omellette wrapped chinese doughnut.. Superb!!

Massive takoyaki stall!!

The workers were super motivated and energytic, pumped out with the loud Japanese feng tau song!! Defintely an effective way to motivate your workers~~!!
Each n every one of them are so skilled.. Imagine handling 50 over balls at one time!!
Made to order.
The special thing about this stall is, not only do they serve octopus ball, they even have crab balls and prawn balls... So yummlicious~~!!

Hong Kong style curry fish ball... OMG.. I'm missing Hongkong already!!

At Chu Mama, for more taiwan snacks...
Chili oil pig ears

Omellette Pancake wrapped chinese doughnut.. The chinese doughnut was So crispy!!!

Crazieapple in Sydney

Shall be back with Part 2 of Food in Sydney!!

Till then,

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