It was a bliss driving to Max @ Ihaus (minus all the chaotic traffic near pavillion), thanks to the clear directions that were shown on the lamp post buntings to locate this bungalow-cum-furniture-cum dining place at Jalan Jati.

Max has been around for quite awhile now (previously Max! Kitchen & Wines), and there's no getting rid of him. They have since relocate from Tengkat Tong Shin to this double storey bungalow at Jalan Jati, what i really like about this place is the ample of parking provided. No scratching head looking for a valet here!  *smiles*

The last time i was at Max @ Ihaus, it was almost 8 months ago. I had fond memories of it, everything from its food items to its service has been up-to-par.
It was a pleasant surprise that the server could still remember me despite my last visit being months ago. Service, needless to say is almost flawless.

Max @ Ihaus is a finalist in the Time Out Food Award 2009 for the Best Fusion/ Contemporary Restaurant Category- That is quite a feat. So there has to be a certain food quality to this place.

We went for the degustation menu. At RM120+, you can enjoy a 5 course meal comprising 3 appetizer, 1 main course, and 1 dessert, inclusive a glass of italian Batasiolo Cascine Prosecco.
This, my friends, are really value for money. Our only hesitation is which main dish of our choice should we choose as everything sounds really good.
*Tasting menu require participation of the entire table
We were started off with some complementary Ciabbata which tasted fresh, we couldnt help but ask for another helping.

The furnitures are mostly for sale.. Abby didnt quite like the interior, she found the furnitures a mismatch, myself, on the other hand, find them refreshing.

I told myself, shall i have a daughter next time- i'll definitely decorate her room in extreme pinkness

Italian Batasiolo Cascine Prosecco (inclusive in the tasting menu), light and sweet, a very easy drink.

First Course: The beautiful presented Salad "Nicoise" of Seared Rare Tuna Loin with spanish white anchovies salsa and french bean. (NP: RM38) The Tuna Loin was seared beautifully at the side, and well seasoned. I have no complaints as each bite was delightful. The complement sides however is not my cup of tea. However, Abby gobbled everything down.

Second Course: Pan-seared sea scallops with large clams that came with chicken broth. The scallop and clams were large and quite fresh, and the broth taste fusion. It was okay- but not good enough to recommend.

Third Course: Greenland Halibut Fillet on cream sauce with some bok choy pieces, topped with fish roe. Notice the use of Bok Choy which is known as an asian ingredients and fish roe as japanese often used.
The mixture of creaminess goes well with the fish.

For the main course, i had the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Soubise (150gm) Crovis Grain Mustard Cream and Wilted Asparagus. (NP: RM85)- We just need to add additional RM30 in the tasting menu for this dish.
I reckon the truffle soubise does make a difference to this dish, the taste is unique but lovable and the tenderloin is true to its name- very tender. The asparagus comes in handy as i used it to swipe up all the lovely sauce. definitely worth recommending.

Abby had Matelote of Codfish Fillet in Cabernet Jus with Shallot, Fresh Tarragon and field mushroom. (NP: RM58), this has been our least favourite of the night as the cod was dry and slightly tough. The combination of sauce does not quite go well with the fish.

My GAL-DATE of the night.

After our main course, we ordered dessert wine (which most say is a gal drinks- i say YES, ITS TRUE! =D)
We had a bottle of Semillon Botrytis 2008 Peter Lehmann Barossa Valley from Australia (375ml) for only RM100. That's pretty reasonable.
Like all dessert wine, this taste sweet and refreshing. It is then, we couldnt wait for our dessert.
Dessert of the day for Tasting Menu was Chocolate Souffle, but we requested for them to change one portion to other dessert, and they were nice enough to agree.
So i ordered warm almond-chocolate brownie and waited in anticipation.

Warm Almond- Chocolate Brownie (NP RM20) was O-K. Truth be told i was kinda dissapointed because i was expecting something more dense and rich with chocolate. While the brownie served here was sufficiently moist, it lacks the chocolate richness i was hoping for. I do like the orange mascarpone cream on the top though.

Our Chocolate Souffle come in an espresso cup complement by mixed fruit pieces and cappuccino.
As Abby commented it was "bitter sweet". I like how the chocolate is not overly sweet and the cappucino ice cream mixed so well with the souffle.

Don't we look like a couple on a quiet dinner date?

Our bill came up to RM400+ between two with dessert wine. We were so stuffed that i could feel my waistline expanding on the spot. The portion was not actual portion, but it is still quite large for a "petite" girl like myself. :D


Food: 6.5/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 7/10

Presentation of food: 7.5/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Max @ Ihaus
Lot No. 32, Jalan Jati,
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, KL
Tel: 03- 2142 9720

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Chloe Teah said...

nice dress!

AugustDiners said...

Chloe: Thx :D

KY said...

yess, sea scallops, as opposed to.. land scallops?

AugustDiners said...

KY: i personally cant tell the difference between both

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

love the food here but havent been back despite the promising car park spaces available.

Augustdiners said...

Joe: go before u head to aus!

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