Overlooking the club swimming pool, sipping coffee while reading a novel- that's how life should be. Cuisine Studio @ Sierramas just opened few months ago much to our delight. There was speculation and skepticism of the food they serve. Will it have the same offering as their sister branch in Tropicana?

The interior and kitchen design was kept to the bare minimum, with an open concept (literally open as there is no barriers between kitchen and dining areas), it felt like you are walking into a tv cookshow where the french chef is doing their "thang". The selection of food are surprisingly wide and price range was slightly over the heels. One does wonder what was the intention to open something so refine just to cater solely for the residences of Sierramas? (because unlike Tropicana, Sierramas restrict any outsiders to enter)

Nothing heavy for us as it was 4pm in the afternoon and we had dinner waiting for us at home. Smoked Chicken Panini was decent. The panini was toasted and warm, stuffed with slices of smoke chicken  and what i suspect as pesto sauce. We were also given some salad filled with balsamic vinegar. Pretty decent afternoon bite.

Porcini Soup lacks aroma and texture, kind of dissapointing

The brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream may be suitable for those with sweet tooth, but i dont quite like it. Decent moisture but definitely too sweet for me.

Despite the misses in my orders, i'll definitely give it another shot for dinner one night, i'm seeing interesting things in the menu like foie gras, and escargot!

Finger cross that this restaurant is here to stay!


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