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The Long Forgotten- It's been awhile since i've been back to this friendly neighbourhood restaurant- Opus Bistro.
Seems like this restaurant has been sitting at the backstage for awhile now and may i add that it's ageing pretty well. no evident wrinkles yet but the face lacks its usual lucsious shine.

There is minor adjustments to the menu with some refreshing additions to the all-time favourite items. One thing you can rest assure dining here is simple comfort loving italian affair.

Clams in white wine is almost a fail-proof order. Fresh with comfortable servings.

A limp presentation of the dish.

I've always ordered their roasted cod fish whenever i dine in Opus. Either i order it for myself, or i made people order it so that i can get a quick bite from it. Quick, large bites that is...*smiles sheepishly*
This time i couldnt decide between their lemon capers sauce or their olive based sauce (although i have tried both) but they were thoughtful to suggest to put both sauces as a side so that i can taste the best of both world.
It wasnt as good as i recalled, but the once lip-smacking piece of cod still manage to have me hanging!

Probably my favourite after the Roasted cod is the squid ink pasta. A dish that was definitely not an ideal choice during a date,  with risk of leaving a not so good impression for its blacken tongue and potential black residue stuck onto your teeth. Nevertheless, it is not frequently found in most western restaurant in town, and opus manage to execute theirs fairly well. Now if only my hand did not itch to give this a good splash of salt.

I'm one who often avoid ordering risotto in most restaurant purely because the ones i had so far never seem to please me. True enough, the wild mushroom and asparagus risotto definitely did not meet the mark. The blend of flavours did not go well together and ended up smelling like something gone wrong.
We left most of this untouched.

The smoked duck linguine was also unmemorable, and sadly bland, 'nuff said

SO, There was definitely some hit and misses off the improvised menu. Nevertheless, it eludes private and cosy dining environment that was ideal for us to catch up with friends hence we're able to forgive the slight hiccups in food- for now.

What irks me more perhaps is not the food, but the RM60 bucks corkage fee.
SO EX LA..My cheap moscato that i brought along was only RM50 bucks kk?


Sean said...

Ya, I recall quite a few pleasant evenings spent here with good friends too. Here's hoping that opus (and the other outlets at bangkung) stick around for many, many more years to come =)

Michelle Chin said...

I haven't been to opus yet. Not too familar with the bangsar area. :P

AugustDiners said...

Sean: yes! fingers crossed

Michelle: haha, its ok- no one has fit in so many fine dining as you did for the past month, and u can safely avoid opus for now as their food is not exactly on par to the ones u've visited!

Food Dreams said...

The clams look really good.

As for risotto, I have said before, Silver Spoon is my benchmark as most places just cannot produce the same standard... hehe

AugustDiners said...

Food Dreams: Thank you for such great compliment! :)

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