Silver Spoon is coming out with a new exciting drinks menu soon with an extensive range of cocktails, mocktails and smoothies and guess what!! Augustdiners will be in it!!! YAYYYYY
We're super excited to be given the opportunity to invent our own drinks and put 'em in the menu! How cool is that?!
Do keep an eye out for drinks such as "Crazieapple" and "Ms. Jazz"!

The drinks are suppose to carry out our own personality- so we all know Crazieapple will be as her name implies.. CRAZIENESS! I'm thinking one filled with potent alkie but don't worry, i already forbade her from using absinthe as an ingredient. And since they don't sell Bacardi 151 here, i think you will be safe from rolling home.

Mine will probably be something more mellow, girlie, with a hint of secrecy....

Keep tuned and fingers cross that this will work out well!


Food Dreams said... looking forward to this! Cannot wait to dine again at Silver Spoon. :)

Sean said...

kahlua, bailey's, frangelico, vanilla vodka & creme de cacao, topped with fresh cream and crushed almonds. you can call it "the sean" :D

Michelle Chin said...

Wah, naming drinks after your own monikers! Interesting stuff!

AugustDiners said...

Food Dreams: Looking forward to see u :)

Sean: I literally LOL in my office reading your comment. Can u imagine my diners ordering "can i have the sean please?" But the concoction sounds creamily sinful

Michelle: I know!! It's too fun to find out which drink represents me! :D I have a cocktail bible stashed somewhere, time to put it to good use!

Baby Sumo said...

Oh nice... you will have to post it up here when the drinks are finalised :)

Crusader said...

What about a drink called Crusader?

AugustDiners said...

Baby Sumo: yes yes i definitely will :)

Crusader: doesnt sound too appealing haha :D

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