Stepping into a coffee-scented ground heaven, **am i back in Melbourne??**
how i wish so..

My new found favourite coffee joint, closest i can get to those in Melbourne..
Artisan Roast Coffee..if you haven't already heard of, is the new hype for caffeinatics like myself.

 A comprehensive flowchart for coffee first timer.

I believe that caffeinatics are like loyal lovers. Once we found what works best for us, we'll stick to it like honey and winnie the pooh =p

 A shot of espresso for David, my best food buddy..

 Artisan Roast Coffee serves really good homemade pastries, simple yet delicious.

I've tried the cherry blonde and the cheesecakes. And they go hand in hand with a cuppa coffee and magazine on the other (if not, ipad) hehe.

My addiction- flat white done just how i like it:
Temperature at around 65degree, silky quality milk, coffee aroma that makes my nose tingles and that mouthfeel that makes me go "mmmmmmmm...." <3

I love everything about this place. The chilling atmosphere, the quality coffee beans used (the source from various countries, for e.g: brazil. and does not use overcommercialised coffee brands), imported milk (which is the 2nd most important ingredient in a good cuppa coffe). And those skillful barista.

I was lucky to have my coffee made by the Boss?? A very friendly (and cute) Kiwi guy. If one does not indulge in magazine, or other entertainment, there's always eye candy to keep you entertained. haha JK!!

 You'll definitely see alot of me here from now on! =)

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