You'll be glad to know that Lafite recently renovated their menu, and doubled their choices since their last one. You are now looking at about 50+ choices. We were shown to the only private room overlooking the garden that seats about 10 of us. Might as well, since we were one pretty noisy bunch. :)

For such a reputable & established restaurant, Lafite food does not quite meet the mark. "Overrated" quoted Crazieapple.  I myself also have some reservations, while everything seem to be executed fairly, we were perhaps expecting something a great deal more. Food presentation that shows creativity fails in showing the same in taste. Nevertheless it was a good place for a celebration for it was PK's birthday.  (and if you like upscale price, friendly service, and impeccable interior- Lafite would be a good choice) 

The staff thoughtfully decorated the table with fresh rose petals and lighted the candles upon our arrival.

Lobster Soup (RM38) with black truffle and green peas. Creamy content where everything was being pureed (no lobster pieces here), satisfying but definitely not the best.

Braised mushroom Soup (RM28) sauteed mushroom and garlic chips. The girls commented that Silverspoon served better ones. *grins* but then i think they are just bias here.

Roasted duck consomme (RM30) duck broth, duck confit, duck liver ravioli, roasted duck breast, fine vegetables. Basically all things duck can be found here, that really resembles our chinese ABC soup =P
Cappucino of curry and lemongrass (RM35) with king tiger prawn, pumpkin, coriander.
While it is unusual find this in a posh restaurant like this, we're glad that this is in the menu.
The soup has an exquisite taste, creamy curry content that is not spicy but rather slightly sweet with strong lemongrass aftertaste. Either u like it or hate it.

Lift up the glass and the soup will flow from the bottom, what a creative presentation!

Pan seared Perigold foie gras (RM60) celery root puree, spiced bread, almond sauce, apricot almond chutney. Tastewise is just OK, quite forgettable

Delightful presentations with all the colours. Seared yellow fin tuna and marinated salmon (RM75) Guacamole, cannelloni of watercress, and salmon mousse, sour cream and caviar.

Sweet Sour Onion Tart (RM36) with sweet onion, onion marmalade, truffle emulsion, shaved black truffle, spring onions. Sometimes simple is often the best. A gourmet tart that was a satisfying eat.

Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin (RM160) with herb pomme puree, seared foie gras, bone marrow, shaved black truffle, bearnaise sauce. Pretty in presentation, meat could be slightly more tender and flavourful though. The ones served taste slightly bland, and foie gras was beyond petite. Overall, this is good if it's a RM100 steak. But it's not. One word: over-priced.

But then again, most main dishes there range average of RM140, like the butter poached lobster with corn fed organic spring chicken.  Atlantic lobster with roasted chicken, fine carrots, shitake, asparagus, enoki mushroom, corn, peanut curry sauce.
A chef recommendation, Australian Wagyu beef short ribs (RM75) is slow cooked, served with basil gnocchi, green beans, whipped horseradish and beef sauce.

Grilled black angus rib eye steak (RM150) with slow cooked cherry tomatoes, french beans, semolina dumpling, and rosemary sauce.

Pan seared Dover sole (RM140) with sauteed young spinach, crispy brioche, yuzu miso sauce, candied black olives, lemon confit, tomato marmalade. The grannie finds it too salty (self-preference perhaps? but she's not a fussy eater) and if she sent it back to the kitchen to re-cook, that's really got to be something wrong with it.

Victoria saltbush farm lamb (RM120) Grilled lamb rack and braised lamb, couscous, young artichoke, fine ratatouille, balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes. Again, i ask myself, with such small piece of lamb rack, does it really worth the price?
Foie gras fat poached salmon fillet (RM65) cheapest dish in the menu, but possibly one of the better ones. Served with squid ink risotto, chive sauce, creamy king oyster mushroom ragout, bitter orange compote. It was a very nice combination.

Crazieapple with her bling-ed up camera

She likes her new pressie- hot pink YSL bag
HAPPY birthday PK! :)

We ordered an Australian wine Cabernet Franc (2002) (RM190) which was a fruity and light drink.

Our bill came up to RM2xxx with wine (discounted with Shangri-la Prestige Platinum Card)


Food: 6/10
(nothing that was done terribly, but nothing that was worth a special mention either)

Service: 7/10

Presentation of food: 8/10
(very innovative and a delight to look at)

Ambience: 8.5/10

Overall: 7/10


Shangri-la Hotel

Tel: 03-20322388


Sean said...

yikes! i'm not too sure that doubling the menu items is the way to go, since that could mean quantity over quality. the foie gras fat-poached salmon sounds really tempting though ... definitely not a recipe i've seen anywhere else :D

Anonymous said...

this palce doesn't deserve a 6/10 for food.. more like a 5..

Crusader said...

I have to agree with anonymous. 7 for overall rating is the same with Hajime, even though there's nothing special to shout about?

AugustDiners said...

Sean: despite doubling their varieties, the desserts somewhat lack choices, sigh!

Anon: Everyone opinion differs =P

Crusader: oik, why keep on questioning my ratings.

vialentino said...

wow wow...very nice dining experience in this high end ur pics a lot...nice to meet u

AugustDiners said...

Vialentino: thanx for dropping by :)

vialentino said...

sure...u r most welcome...u r a foodie too?....saw u wrote many food reviews too...nice one.

Anonymous said...

saw your pics based on the food. i jst wana say. very disappointing for that kind of money spend on food. as a chef ders a saying looks like shit taste like shit it is shit. the table setting looks jst as bad.. as for the food had no sense of direction. to many flavours messy..i will give him 7 on Cappucino of curry and lemongrass, but 1 for overall' i say. cos d chef needs to back to school...

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