Thinking of what to eat this weekend? How about a nice brunch with some lovely eggs and decent strong coffee? Bistro A Table offers just that, and can I just say that they have officially serve the best brunch in KL at the moment? I think I just said it.
I Shall skip the introduction and hit the main notes, you can refer to my dining experience in Bistro A Table here.

We were here for a sole purpose, and that is for their EGGS! I think I’ve just stepped into some eggy wonderland. *swoon*

Duck Egg Croque Madame with toasted bread, Gruyere b├ęchamel & Italian Turkey Bacon (RM24). The combination works well. The gruyere cheese tasted light in the palate but can be a little relenting rich after awhile.

Organic Corn Fritters with avocado salsa, oven roasted roma tomato, coriander salad & turkey bacon (RM24). I’ve had my share of good corn fritters in Melbourne- one of the favourite being in Mart 130! Melbournians should be able to relate! I didn’t quite like the ones served here. Not because it’s bad, but because of the overpowering taste of Indian spices that goes into an otherwise lightly battered and mildly crunchy corn fritters. P.s. I didn’t like antipodean’s version for the same reason too! I wonder whether it is the original recipe to go heavy on the spices?

What really stands out is their Truffled organic scrambled eggs with roasted Portobello mushrooms & oven roasted roma tomatoes with toasted sourdough bread (RM28). By far our favourite item of the whole lot, and arguably the best in town thanks to those wonderful truffle-packed and incredibly light albeit just a tad runny, while I had my first bite, I thought to myself, yes this is how scrambled eggs are suppose to taste like! Why o why can’t other brunch places follow suit? The lovely egg texture have left me melting with happiness

House smoked Tasmanian King Salmon Eggs Benedict with saute baby spinach (RM28) holds really well too. Perhaps one of the better hollandaise sauce I’ve tasted in a long while, nicely salted and pack with buttery flavours. The smokey salmon melded nicely to the well-poached eggs.

Ahhhh scones scones scones… one of my favourite food and I’m so glad that Bistro A table did it well! The freshly baked scones (RM17) were incredibly light, buttery and a real treat. Served with clotted cream, French orange marmalade and raspberry jam

It was a very pleasant brunch experience for us, complement with the lovely and attentive waiters as well as the relaxing bistro ambience, this will be the place I would recommend to friends again and again if they keep their standards up.

P.S. I wish i could do better justice with these photos of these deliciously prepared food, but my camera is in the workshop so this is the best shot i've got off my iphone! :( Pls bear with us for abit!

Bistro a Table
6, Jalan 17/54
Tel: 03-7931 2831
note: Brunch is only served on Saturday and Sunday at the moment
(reservation recommended, open only during dinners and closed on monday)


Baby Sumo said...

I would love to try both the scrambled eggs and eggs benedict! Oh and maybe the scones too :P

AugustDiners said...

baby sumo: oh why not! hahaha. one for yourself, one for hubby and one for baby C! Everyone's happy. :D

ulric said...

Ehhh...wat happened to ur cam?

Brekkie here looks good =)

Michelle Chin said...

I just cannot tahan this. they should open for lunch too!

AugustDiners said...

ulric: the camera lens just went kookoo on me. haha. ive been camera free for more than one mth now, its a torture.

michelle: hahaha yes they should! but uve got plenty better options in melb!!! :D

ckiong said...

Brunch at BAT! That's what we want to do this weekend! Hehehehe.
Oh I think I saw you at Typica on one of the weekends. :P

AugustDiners said...

ohhh it couldnt have been me. I have not been to typica before shame to say.
But i saw you n kenny at the bees before. :)

Sean said...

oooh, so far it sounds like everyone who's tried the brunch here has given the thumbs up! i feel kinda sorry for bistro a table's service team cos they have to work on weekend mornings now, but i guess their loss of that free time is our gain of good eggs =)

thenomadGourmand said...

Oh yummy!
Im heading there tonite for the degustation with Vicky Cheng.. oh my.. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

ckiong said...

Ooops, paiseh paiseh, hahaha. :D

Augustdiners said...

sean: It's hard not to give a thumbs up for this one, ive been searching up and down for some good brunch in KL and i think this is it :)

Rebecca: do update on whether it impress you hehe!

ckiong: it's ok, i would think im quite common looking people often mistaken me for someone else hahaha! u r not the first :D

Daphne Richards said...

they use Aesop...i love the Aesop Hand Wash...

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