It was a bit of a hesitation before deciding upon RAMA V for our girlies session.
To be frank, it was only when i read on AWOL's blog whereby the colourful lukchup has capture my attention and held it there for a couple of seconds that i decide we should give this a try. If all things fail, there's always the ambience as a comfort.

I really should get a GPS soon, i can't differentiate the roads between jalan duta, jalan ampang, jalan pinang, jalan Tun razak etc etc. Basically im a lost kitten engulped in this big scary KL town.
Currently, my sole dependence on road directions is the Blackberry Google Map. Trusting it to bring me to places often comes with Chaotic Results.
Ended up with embarrasing calls to friends with stupidity questions such as "is jalan ampang in ampang?" Sorry Jenn!! *sheepish grin* It was not the first time i drove up to u-thant alone, but somehow i always seem to forget my bearings.

RAMA V is a fine dining establishment serving thai food. A stand alone building with beautiful lotus ponds,
sophisticated settings with plush white seats and spacious seatings arrangement. The ambience was exotic without being too rigid. Delight laughters heard, candles being blown, clanking sounds of wine glasses at the background, it was a good place for entertainments, events, and parties. There's also a few beautiful chalets surrounding the lotus pond for those who wishes for some privacy.

P/S sorry no price stated, i forgot to keep the receipt =P i'll tell you why later but starters are approx RM20-30, mains RM30onwards, Desserts RM11

Minced Chicken with crispy rice crackers. An unusual choice of starter, turns out tasting quite ordinary

Recommended by the server, one of their best seller is the sugarcane wrapped minced chicken and prawn. Packed with the minced fillings, and goes well with sweet chilli sauce. Again it was just O-K

Soft Shell Crab Salad. Crispy Soft Shell Crab with tangy and sweet flavours. It was delightful refreshing

We ordered two of these. Seafood Tom Yum in coconut shell, and was dissapointed.
While the Tomyum was SPICY and SOUR, the soup lacks fragrant and oomph so we left it half-untouched.

We ordered deep fried Groupa Fish with Three chilli sauce (RM58), but turns out they ran out of Groupa and we were replaced with Snapper, which was fine with us.
The fish was fried to crunch while the sauce was tangy. No complaints here.

Green Curry Chicken was packed with coconut cream, it was good complement to rice but again the taste was quite mild and lack of green curry flavours.

By this point, my feeling for this restaurant has went downhill steadily. But it's ok- there's still LUKCHUP for desserts! If i'm completely honest with you, i came here solely for this particular order!

*waiting in anticipation and glee*

"Can i have the dessert menu please?"
After a few moments, a large tray was presented to us showcasing various types of desserts ranging with red rubies and cempedak with coconut cream to steamed pumpkin with custard. Everything is made upon ordering.
I asked for my LUKCHUP and was told they do not serve it there.

I finally know and experience the very word "crestfallen"
Because right at that moment, that is exactly how i felt.

Now you know why i forgot to remove the receipt which came up to RM350+ with two beers???
In a nutshell, the restaurant provides a good ambience for celebratory reasons but food definitely does not justify the fine environment. (and to think this restaurant bagged a few awards was questionable)
ERAWAN still sits strong as being my top favourite thai restaurant.


Food: 5.5/10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10


Rama V
No. 5, Jalan U-Thant
55000 KL

Tel: 03-21432663


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

a pity, i had it again by myself and luckily i still enjoyed it..although yes, if i remember correctly i had problems with how much oil that ended up in my curry.

vialentino said...

1st thing across my mind when saw the restaurant name is butterfly ... RAMA RAMA ... my fav. Seafood Tom Yum in coconut shell looks yummy ... hope this taste good

boo_licious said...

oh no!! poor gal, I feel for you as being crestfallen is not a great feeling. The luk chup was a special order for that party we went to as the birthday boy was a close friend of the owners.

taufulou said...

haha..i love how you requested for desert menu and the whole tray was presented.. and thats a ouch when the bill came by..

the place is only famous for ambiance..:D

Augustdiners said...

joe: the ambiance alone is a worthwhile visit for me although the food paled in comparison :)

vialentino: my malay is really bad! hehe! tomyum cooked in coconut is very nice in presentation, and the coconut flesh suppose to add sweetness to the soup, but somehow, the ones served just hasnt make the mark yet.

Boo: OOHHHH! i should have made clear on that before my visit! the bday boy is a very lucky boy!

Taufulou: yes i agree on you with the ambiance. :)

av女優 said...


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