It's been a long long awhile, and i hope everyone has been missing us! hehe
Sorry we've been extremely lazy on the posts, which i promise i'm going to pick it up again. I'm already eye-ing many delicious new places to try.

This has been quite awhile back, we were at Julz b'day bash at the Mines Resort (i can't get over how brave i was to navigate myself there AGAIN with my lousy blackberry google map) there was hiccups of many wrong turnings, and stopping by some really foreign looking signboards. It was then i'm telling myself i'll never be driving to Mines alone again.

We were famished after rounds of being thrown around in a speed boat, and the turtle speed of a banana boat and many rounds of water balloon bombs, one of us recommended a restaurant nearby called "RESTORAN LEONG YA" apparently being famous for their "paper-wrapped chicken" *translation directly from cantonese*

May look really Oily but i can't wait to get my hands on them. 
The chicken wrapped inside was sufficiently tender and packed with flavours.
We can't get enough of it, after which we ordered another round of these glorious god sent creation. (not to mentioned tapaoed another dozens for family and friends) *so touristy hor?hehe*  

My knowledge of paper wrapped chicken was somewhat limited, having only tried it at very few places, but this is by far one of the better ones i've had. Just look at those generous delish sauce. If i'm not mistaken it should be RM3/piece (SOOOO CHEAP)

The Mixed Yong Tau Foo is also well prepared. RM15 comes with 15 pieces varieties of stuffed chilli, beancurd, lady fingers, and deep fried beancurd skin. I personally preferred this method of preparation to the ones i was always brought to, where they soaked all the items into a clear soup.
Dis is Us On Ze Tut-Tut-Train Banana Boat. Slower than a Grannie's Walk. :D

It was a satisfying meal, i'll be back again shall i ever be around this foreign area *fingers crossed*

Leong Ya
19, Jalan PSK 2,
Pusat Perdagangan
Seri Kembangangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03- 8944 2711


taufulou said...

agree with you lei.. one of the best i have eaten so far..:)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

gosh i used to stay so near from this place, well technically speaking still do, just that im not at home. now i miss it so much!

vialentino said... this restaurant a lot...been dining here since my college days their paper wrapped the restaurant still pack with customers?

Ms. Jazz said...

taufulou: glad u like it too!

Joe: aih~ lets switch places. haha i prefer melb anytime of the day

vialentino: the time i went was for a late dinner, but there are still crowds so i think business's still good.

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