Sometimes (depending on what mood I’m in) I feel like I’m the luckiest girl. I’m so lucky to be living in a city with awesome multi-racial population (generally), great weather and all these fabulous restaurant that seems to mushroom around town lately.

The new culinary joy begins the moment we step into this brand new resto-lounge (13 days to be exact). IL PRIMO is the name, and is no way related to the newest talk in town IL LIDO. Tucked in a serene location at Jalan Kia Peng just off Jalan Stoner, the management seem to want to keep this restaurant a hush hush thing until the official opening, but they should know better, that no secret is safe when there’s eatdrinkkl around. *jokes*

I’m almost never punctual. I mean, who goes to dinner on time anyways? When MAY mentioned whoever late should inform the latter parties sooner, I secretly think she was referring to me, and sure enough, when I arrived everyone has already been seated and the starters ordered. After attempting excuses on being late again, I then took my time absorbing my surroundings. First thing that came to mind on the interior was Stylish, Spacious, and Comfortable. The spotlight of the restaurant however falls on the white movements around the kitchen. A showcase of chefs dressed in professional outfits moving about performing some magic voodoo in the brightly lighted open-concept kitchen.

The menu is one with vast varieties. Just to please everyone’s taste bud (if that’s even possible) IL PRIMO decided to do something different, their own version of 1Malaysia, only this menu is filled with “best of THREE worlds”. Think western, Japanese, and Chinese. While the Head chef himself is an Italian, he has been in Malaysia for many years and is no doubt able to capture some of the local flavours into his menu creativity.

Price was rather sky high, you’re looking at about the range of RM50+ for pastas, grilled meat and crustaceans ranges from RM50-RM300, and the question is does the price justify the food quality??

To be fair, some dishes came in large portion suitable for sharing. Under the very critical eyes of a few girls, we did not felt that there was the "wow" element from the dishes we've tasted. However, that being said, most of the food we've ordered was well-prepared and the food presentation was a delightful sight. YEP… IL PRIMO food offering definitely rivals many upscale fine dining restaurants in town, and im looking forward for more of their establishment in the coming future.

While we were looking at the menu deciding our main course, we were given amuse bouche of freshly baked bread, and assorted hors d'vours. Each bite has its own character and texture, I didn’t get to try everything but the ones I had was delish!

Our first starter arrive not too long after, one dozen of freshly shucked oysters (RM120) I’ve always been skeptical about fresh oyster in KL, having bad experiences in some unnamed places. The oyster served in IL PRIMO looks plump and juicy, however one of the oysters I had (can’t identify which is which) miss the mark slightly in terms of its freshness. Anyhow, there’s no guarantee all oysters would be fresh as there’s always a bad seed among the crowd, what matters is how the restaurant reacts to customer comments, and I have to say IL PRIMO took them in with grace.

The soup (RM48) which i can’t recall its name but there was only one soup choice in the menu and boy were they generous with their ingredients. In truth, this is more of a broth than a soup, where the liquid was only few spoonfuls but the seafood was stacked up high in the bowl (not that anyone is complaining). The taste brought me way back to VENICE, where I had the luck to taste the best seafood soup ever.

Sushi and Sashimi Variation (RM168) with 3 types of sashimis- tuna, salmon belly and cuttlefish, and 3 types of sushi- sweet shrimp, yellow tail, tamago and sushi vegetable rolls. Came in thick slices and tasted fresh.

For those risotto lovers who prefers their risotto to be cooked VERY al dente, this can be recommended. Vialone nano, squid ink risotto with seafood and pressemolo (RM48) came out presented very much like the Spanish paella, it was one of those food presentation that people go “oooooohhhh and ahhhs” over it. The seafood looks particular striking on a bed of ink risotto. While the risotto was done nicely, we thought the shell seafood wasn’t particularly fresh, especially the clams. But upon explanation it turns out that the NZ flown clams has a unique taste on its own which probably could not be accept by most of us. (But by unique did you also mean that it will taste fishy and raw?) The portioning was huge and would be good for sharing between two.

i’ve only had a bite size of the Saffron open ravioli with lobster bisque and succhini stick (RM138), but Dianna thought it was ok. Open Ravioli is like wearing your undergarments inside out. The pasta sheet acts as a stand alone from its stuffings. The portion was rather puny for the price but anything with lobster bisque I can forgive. :D

Live Prawns, olive oil, citrus and avocado (RM68) was Sandy's pick. I didnt get a taste of it, so no comment.

Seafood platter for 2 (RM228) consist of ½ Nova Scottia Lobster, tiger prawns, king crab legs, garoupa fillet, grilled with lemon. The selection of crustaceans hot off the grill was robust with smoky flavours, with the basic marination to retain the sweetness. My particular favorite from the platter would be the king crab.

In house beef cheek agnolotti with porcini mushroom (RM52) is very similar to ravioli. I like this dish a lot, im suspecting it has something to do with truffle oil (my favourite!) which brings this dish to an extra notion in terms of taste.

complimentary desserts: Doesn't the pastel colored mini macaroons look absolutely adorable? Crispy outer shell and moist rich ganache filling. Each carries a different flavour. It is hard to resist the smooth melt in your mouth sensation with every bite of those pretty creation

Complimentary dessert: A selection of cakes and tarts. The girl seem to like the lemon tart most, and having heard praise from Jane on the lemon tart, our servers promptly bring out another few servings of them. YUMS, we were in pure indulgence bliss.

A round of coffee and tea and biscotti to finish off our wonderful meal

We were treated with great hospitality from the impeccably well-trained and friendly servers to the chancellor herself, a friendly witty woman who shares her insight of the direction of the restaurant, Thank you for spending your time with us.

My lovely Chickas:

Our bill came up to RM1100+ without alcohol, the bill would have gone much higher if the desserts and drinks weren't complementary.


Food: 7/10
(definitely will arrange a next visit soon, there's so much more to try)

Ambience: 8/10
(perfect for a dinner date out, either with friends or your loved ones)

Service: 10/10
(flawless and professional)

Presentation of food: 7/10
(have to work on the portioning in relation to the price)

Overall ratings: 8/10


No. 26 & 28 Jalan Kia Peng,
(above CONLAY)

Tel: 03-2143 2798


Sean said...

wow, u gave it 10/10 for service! but yeah, i do agree that the staff was excellent ... nearly the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness! :D

Ms. Jazz said...

sean: do u not agree on the 10/10? hahaha seriously for someone who loves to find flaws, i couldnt find any that night in terms of service. It was an enjoyable dinner.

May said...

on the late thingy it wasnt for u... ^_^ it's just me - I am a little anal bout punctuality and my girls not being on time.

boo_licious said...

Il Primo seems to have crept up on us unexpectedly as I didn't even though it existed until someone tweeted to ask where it was.

Can't wait to give this place a spin especially since Federico is the one running the show.

thenomadGourmand said...

Oh my, everything looks good!
At first I thought of skippin this til atr 2mths since its atr italian but it looks worthy to push my plans earlier to say..nx week! ;p

Ms. Jazz said...

May: haha yes u are! :D

boo: yes, they've been very secretive. Can't wait to read your review on IL PRIMO soon!

TNG: yes! go try! we might bump into each other again :P

vialentino said...

the squid ink risotto ... this is new and would love to give a squid ink risotto ... gosh ... the bill came up to 1.1k!!! sweating for me! better not to have my bday dinner here...hahaa.

Ms. Jazz said...

vialentino: Yep the price is slightly steep but is still a good place for special occasions :)

eiling lim said...

It's true. It'll never be a secret when you have eatdrinkkl!! So now there's a IL Lido, IL Primo and IL Divo!!! Lol..

Anonymous said...

on top of every "iL-"..... iL-primo will give u a primolicious memoire.....

Ms. Jazz said...

Eiling: YES! So far all the IL's has been a pleasant dining experience, so i do look for more to come!

Anonymous: i love how that sounds!

gianluca ernesti said...

try jojo italian restaurant in tropicana golf club.

AugustDiners said...

gianluca: lovely, thanks for the recommendation

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