You may refer to my previous visit HERE, and HERE. One would think that i'll be sick of Gu Yue Tian by now. =P
We were quick to approve the type of cuisine when suggested to dinner one night. Chinese sounds heavenly, but Gu Yue Tian wasn't what i had in mind. (i was thinking more mamak- hawker style hokkien mee!)
Nevertheless my hesitation was quickly put aside as the thought of kobe beef seep into me. I can never say no to Chef Frankie's Kobe Beef.

Foie gras with scallop and fruits pieces. Chef used strawberry and cempedak in this dish. Complement with the orange and soya sauce, it was a refreshing combination but slightly too fruity for me. The mixture of taste with tanginess as with its orange sauce, sweetness with its fruits, saltiness with its soya sauce gives this dish a complex taste.

Sharkfin with Pork intestine. If you're looking for something to spice up your life, this is your type of soup. Who would have thought sharkfin and pork intestines goes well together, but indeed it does.

My dear friend, Mr. Beef from Kobe. I devour every bite slowly with each bite, the juiciness of the beef just spurs within the mouth. There is lots of technique and effort put into this dish, and Chef make sure he is the one who cuts up the kobe beef to retain maximum juice and fragrant
The girl has no complain

It wasn't all that weird to order hokkien mee with extra pork lard, after all that was my initial intention for dinner tonight. The ones made in Gu Yue Tian was good. Not overly delicious like the ones in Ong Lai, but nevertheless enough to satisfy a craving. At least they have the "wok" element

Loh Mee was one of the better ones we've had

Complimentary highland single malt scotch whiskey, Macallan 1851 inspiration.

Complimentary, Abalone sashimis.

Avocado Puree was a refreshing end to a very scrumptious meal.

It's already 1am here. *yawns* what a night it has been, just finish watching IP MAN, it was really good! Recommend to all out there to watch.


May said...

i like Frankie's food

AugustDiners said...

May: same same, lets go again one day

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