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Chinese New Year gave us an excuse for excessive chinese dining, but with many good restaurant closed during the first few days, it gave us little choice but to dine in GU YUE TIAN twice during the past week. (not that we're complaining) we could never say no to a good slice of kobe beef, abalone, and foie gras now can we??

Gu Yue Tian was surprisingly packed to the brim over the new years with family gathering around to do some lou sang.We're glad to get our usual private room overlooking the busy street of Raja Chulan

A must have during Chinese New Year is "Yu Sang". It usually consist of strip of raw fish which is intepreted with increase in abundance. (余升), it also comes with variety of shredded vegetables and sauces.
Chef Frankie created the dish slightly different from its original versions. He substitute the usual colorful pickles with the vege "SANG CHOI" which relates to prosperity/ increase in wealth. And the pear "LEI" means good luck. I prefer this version that the original one, it just seems much healthier and taste fresher too.
Frankie told us that he took 3 years to perfect this dish *its literally the only Yu sang i actually eat, no kidding* 

Seleontion of Appetizer: Roasted Garlic, Tomatoes topped with Caviar, Parma Ham with Melon 

Scallop was tastefully presented.

Roasted tomato with chowder-like sauce. It's a refreshing change to what we usually have here

Soft boiled egg ft. foie gras

Yummy foie gras with mango dressings

Pigeon with special sauce. Yums, i can't help but to lick my fingers in front of my guests.

Pan-fried cod fish

Braised Abalone that looked too wonderful to eat.

Must order for all diners that enjoy a good piece of beef. Kobe Beef with perfect texture and sauce.

Spicy Pig Intestine Noodles. We love the feel of spiciness burning down our throat.

"Long Dun" fish, i dont know what it's called in english though. This fish is very huge in sizes, so their meat texture are often tougher than other fish, but that is how its suppose to be. Very high in omega 3!

"Lap Mei Fan" Assorted chinese sausages with aromatic rice.

Normally only eaten during CNY, "Poon Choi" is originated from Hakka Cuisine. It is served in a wooden/ porcelain basin.

It's interesting how this dish was created. According to wikipedia, It was invented during the late Song Dynasty in China. When Mongol troops invaded Song China, the young emperor fled to the area of Guangdong Province and HK. To serve the emperor and his army, the locals collected the best food available, cook it and put it in the washing basin (more info on wikipedia)

The Poon Choi in Gu Yue Tian comprises a mixture of bean curd, chinese mushrooms, yam, chicken feet, fish maw etc. It was satisfying enough, but how i missed the one we've just had in Restoran Chui Hang.

Another must have dessert is the "NIAN GAO粘糕" made from glutinous rice. It is consider good luck to eat it during CNY. This dish can be found typically mixed with yam. The soft and sweet taste is becoming addictive.

The avocado puree which i have recommended in my earlier post puts a perfect little full stop to such sinfully, enjoyable meal.

Our bill came up to a whooping RM6K+ for two nights. Who's gonna rebut on the comment that "Good stuff doesnt come cheap?" :D

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