Sorry for the long hiatus, Augustdiners are currently short on dining funds until we get our angpaus from CNY.. hehe (j.k.)

About 2 weeks ago, i brought the bf to Sage, Gardens for his birthday dinner.. Being highly recommended by those who experienced its finest cuisine, I had a rather high expectation to the restaurant. Fingers was crossing hoping not to be disappointed-

The entrance

Would highly recommend patrons to park in Gardens Residence (4th floor) to minimize your walking distance.. If you really ended up parking in Gardens (mall) itself, it's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOONG walk..

Complimentary bread with melted cheese and herbs..
Pssshh.. It's refillable TOO!! =p

Being a wednesday night, the restaurant seems to be far too quiet with only 2 occupied tables with rather slow turnovers.. Shall not judge the quality of a restaurant by its occupancies rite?

Me and the birthday boy

Complimentary appetizer to open up your appetite (ok, i'm pretty sure they used some other words than "open up")
The smoked salmon with a few droplets of salmon roe complimented with some "soury" sauce did its magic indeed!! No wonder they say sour food piques our tastebuds for food and always leaves you wanting more!!

My special of the day (come in the Gourmet set which i ordered)

Yellow tail fish sashimi was fresh yet succulent though i didn't really enjoy the asparagus which was raw..

My appetizer -
Seared Foie Gras with Dark Grapes and Red Wine Reduction.
Foie Gras being the named, is indeed artery clogging but yummy as it melts in your mouth.. best served with a fruit that's sour-ish (more often green apple). The Chef at Sage did a great job in complimenting the taste of Foie gras but using grapes instead.

Carpacio of Wagyu with plum infused Konbu Sauce
The boy find this a bit too raw for his liking.. And to be honest, there wasn't much taste to it.. Kinda wasted the whole wagyu beef business there.

My main course-
Angus Beef with mash potatoes and natural jus
The meat might "look" like it's cooked to its perfection with pinkish meat, but it surely didn't feels how it looked.. It was a bit overcooked for my liking hence resulted in a sore and tired jaw.. Not the best steak i've eaten.. =(
Roasted Cod with Gobou Brunoise and Enoki Mushroom (topped with MORE Foie Gras!!)
The man loved it and cleaned the plate till the very last bit. need more explanations??
We ordered a bottle of Moet shared between two (wasn't too much if i'm there!! hehe everyone knows how much i love my champagnes!!)
For dessert, we had:

Almond Blanc Manger with Mango Sorbet and Passion Fruit
I loved the mango sorbet as it was something really refreshing after all that oily food we stuffed ourselves with!!

and the most deceiving souffle-
Hazelnut Nougat Soufflé with Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream
completely blew me off my expectation from its look!! lesson learnt- never judge a dessert by its look!! it was awesome when complimented with the dark chocolate ice cream!!!
The rich choc taste combine with the fluffy soufflle in your mouth- YOU HAVE JUST REACHED HEAVEN!!
Our dinner came up to a grand total of RM600 (inclusive of a bottle of RM300 champagne).. So it was still ok!!

Overall rating: 7.5/10(sorry i'm a bit lazy to do the breakdown)
You can visit their website for their menu
P/s: I realised that most restaurants in KL don't publish their menu online (as compared to Melbourne)


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