Being the well known lazy bum, i know i've been slacking on the food updates (seeing that i'm "supposedly" the most free person among the panel augustdiners).. But it's really not my fault (hey, i'm jobless and broke!! how else you expect me to intro you good food if i'm salary-less??).. Right right?!?!

Anyway, i was out for a girlie lunch with a bunch of Melbourne friends yesterday.. Ching suggested this new Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Village II (directly next to Sakae Sushi) Speaking of competitions!!

It has a very casual and homey feeling upon entering..
For Goodness Sake also pronounce as Sa-ké (Japanese wine)
Get it get it?? hehe

We decided to order dishes to share in the middle- that way, we could try out more choices..

For starters, we had FGS salad.
Consisting Mesclun Salad with soy beans, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and avocado in house dressing..

I've never been a huge fan of salad (i call ppl who love salads "freak" *cough*ching*cough*), but i must say, the house dressing (what's the secret ingredient in it??) is yummmmayyyy!!!
Sour-ish and sweet blending so well with those (yuck!) fresh greens!!

Sake Maki
(which really, is our normal raw salmon maki rolled with avocado)
Nothing special there..

Kinoko Foil Yaki
(Grilled Mixed Mushroom in foil)

A thumb up for m'shrooms lover!! (like yours truly) =p

Tori Teriyaki
(Pan fried teriyaki chicken)

A forgettable dish with nothing to scream for..

Gyuniku Teppanyaki
(Pan fried beef in teppanyaki style accompanied by some (suspected) pork lard)

Pretty decent dish with mediumly done cooking, however, it's not too flavourful..

Saba Shioyaki
(Mackerel with salt)
Again, it's a decent and acceptable choice.. But nothing to boast about..

Sorry KarLeng for capturing your very unglam moment!! hehe

Soft shell crab maki

Soft shell crab is nicely fried to its crisp!! A yummy choice of maki i would say..

Unagi Maki (Deep fried)
The original recipe for this maki comes with chili padi in it, but being the very "non-malaysian", ching requested chili padi to be excluded..
(I practice the belief that a proud Malaysian should be able to handle a spicy dish!! Downing a bowl of curry flavour Maggi mee at its very least!!)
The batter was cripsy and blends well with the whole unagi maki.. It's not a weird dish to order, sometimes being adventurous might not be a bad thing!! =)

The ladies:
Crazieapple, Ching, Singz

KarLeng, May, Melissa

After dining in Melbourne for years, the amount of food that we ordered was far from satisfying in terms of amount.. In fact, i was much more hungrier than i was before i started eating!!
We sat there for another good half an hour (??) and continued downing ocha until we drown our hunger with overflowing liquid..
(mind you: we're not cheap skates, we're just learning from Singz on how to lose weight)
Our total bill came up to around Rm130 (shared btw 6 pax)- pretty decent price for so many choices!!

Food: 5.5/10
(really nothing to shout about)
Ambience: 7/10
(great for a group of friends for casual and quick lunch or catching up!)

Service: 7/10
(fairly attentive as the restaurant is not very big)
Overall: 5.5/10
(Your ordinary quick bite place or when u're not looking for something extraordinary)


Anonymous said...

I've seen this place in BV2. It has funky decor! Will try it soon!

Sean said...

yeah, the best thing about this place is how reasonable the food prices are! :D

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