Congrats to the co-owners for the grand opening of B-station!! The new hotdog kiosk with a little kick. One might find similarities from 1901 hotdog, but let me assure you that this is more price friendly.

B-station is the brainchild of two passionate graphic designer who have met in Melbourne and have jointly decided to expand their opportunities by starting a franchise from scratch. What can a Korean and a Malaysian mid 20's guys capable of, Really?? Any skepticism would have been lost as we see how these two young men put everything together themselves, from its menu design, logo, even down to its recipes, it's evident that there were many sleepless hour during these times, and end result has been a success!

You can be sure to see B-Station sprouting all over kl soon. The owners plans to open more than 10 kiosks within these few months.  

Currently, their menu choices are somewhat limited with two choices of toppings. Their medium set which cost only RM7.20 comes with a medium sized hotdog and creamy mashed potatoes and a choice of fizzy drinks. Isn't that a steal? (i think 1901 hotdog is selling similar set for RM11+)

The owners told us that they are still working on their menu, and will definitely consider a few more choices, but with only 4 months of planning to opening, i'd say give them more time to adjust, shall we?

I ordered the small sized hotdog that topped with generous amount of homemade spicy spaghetti sauce. The tangy taste of tomatoes with hint of spiciness goes well with its sausage. 

One thing i like about B-Station is that they actually serve decent coffee. One of the owners had experience as a barrista in Melbourne, and he takes his coffee seriously.

Look its the Lazy Crazieapple who is bumming at home as a jobless student yet refuse to update Augustdiners!

You can find their first kiosks at Berjaya Time Square!! (opposite the Superbowling)
Level 5-107
Im not sure where is their next target, im sure they have told me, must have slipped my mind cuz i was so distracted by all those shops surrounding us!

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