V-day is coming up in a few days. We know it will be a torture for most guys as they scratch their heads furiously on where to bring their partner to dine, and to find the perfect gift to impress their gfs.

Personally i think Valentine Day is overrated. I mean if you love someone, you will spend every single day in sweet wonderland. It doesnt take THIS day to show your partner your appreciation or how much you love them. (and the gift exchange.... it should be done everyday too, right girls?? *grins*)

Apart from the hiked up prices in restaurant and the false pretense of romance with annoying decorations, i don't see what else to be appreciated about this day. Perhaps im being a sour grape because im not in a relationship *if i am, i will most probably eat up my own words*

 So many have asked us to recommend where to go and what to buy during this V-day (and if you havent already bought them, *whack* why soooo last minute larh)

~*~*~Man's Guide to a perfect Valentine's Date~*~*~
(uh-huh, listen to THE guru who is single for.... "N" years... hahaha)

Im just going to list down 3 easy options to save you from many headaches:

1. Woo them to a nice dinner and buy them expensive gifts

2. Cook them a heartfelt dinner and buy them expensive gifts

3. Or you can do it our dear Augustdiner writer MR. CRUSADER WAY by bringing your gf to a luxury oversea holiday in a 5star hotel and still buy her expensive gifts. pls pls pls can i tag along? *puppy eyes*

See, Guys should already be researching way ahead of the date. It all end up to buying expensive gifts really. The more expensive, the happier. How can girls not like gifts like tiffany & Co. accessories, prada wallets  or chanel handbags?
But word of advice is NEVER start off your first valentine with really extravagant gifts, because girls tend to expect more the next time round, and it'll probably take a DEEEEEP pocket to satisfy their growing appetite.

But then again, its really worth it to keep us girls HAPPY just because we bite! *rawr*

On a serious note though, it should be pretty easy to search for a gift, like i said guys should be attentive to details maybe one or 2 months prior V-day. When bringing your gf to shopping, dont just standing around doing nothing! Take note of things she touched but put down and look back before exiting the shop. Or minor comments she made of things she may need for daily usage but doesnt have. Or do something with personal touch.
I know some people compile photos into a photoalbum, and decorate it with captions to express their feelings. Some create a love songs and plays them on the guitar for their gfs. These are relatively inexpensive but still cheesy and romantic.

 (well, unless your gf is someone like me who has a WANT list hidden in the secret closet and ready to supply to the partner upon request.. i have no shame! :D)


"buying roses is a must must must!" Just earlier this morning, the radio announce that there was this woman who wants to file a divorce because his husband fail to buy her any roses for valentine's day. so don't say i did not forewarn you!!

"never be late!!! and pick up your dates please!!!" Leave house one hour earlier if you have to beat the traffic and DONT BE LATE. Also... please do not be stupid and ask your date to meet you at a restaurant.

If you decided, NO i dont want to pay a hiked up price because im broke or i didnt save up money 2 months prior as Augustdiners advice... then you may refer to our next option: Cook a nice heartfelt dinner.

Time for the guys to pick up their wok and give it a vigorous shake!

Making dinner isnt as hard as you think. After all be thankful that Valentine's falls on this Sunday (so you have the WHOLE DAY to mess up, clean up and re-do)

1. A nice piece of grilled steak with mashed potatoes or greens would be an easily impressed dish.
2. Or how about BBQ baby back ribs that almost cant go wrong? Just marinated with BBQ sauce and pop it in the oven for couple of hours for a fall off the bone texture.
3. For those seafood lovers, you can always hop over to your nearest supermarket to buy a nice piece of salmon and again oven baked it (the most stress-free method!)

Some easy to do desserts include creme brulee, and tiramisu

(please let me know if you need stress-free recipes of the above!!)

If you have serious dose of cash and don't know what to do with it, your next option (3) is to spend it on ME! (j.k)

There is no proper guide as to how to spend your money overseas in lavish hotels, you just do. The rest of the action will be in the hotel already.
Resort i strongly recommend: Four Seasons Langkawi Resort, its super romantic

Please refer to Kampungboycitygal's blog entry on expensive dining and budget dining  that gives a comprehensive recommendations of restaurant to dine during valentine's day. (be ready to pay 30% more than regular price)

*note: This post has nothing to do with food blogging whatsoever, how it ended up here is because i decided to give guys a good wake up call, and do the right thing for once!!!


Bangsar-bAbE said...

Actually hor...I'd rather my guy buy me chocolates or a nice big burger rather than roses. Shows how greedy I am! =P

Oversea holiday...5 star hotel and expensive gifts? Can I also tag along, pweeety pleasseee?? LOL

AugustDiners said...

Bangsar-babe: aiyor no wonder u're a flogger. *grins* lets beg Mr. Crusader with our puppy eyes, shall we? :D

charlie said...

why all must be expensive gift? remember expensive things still can't buy love. but sometime Tiffany n Co will give you answer....LOL

AugustDiners said...

Charlie: expensive things can buy MOST love. Sad to say, but people are naturally materialistic and money-minded. Try with the tiff & Co. first and let us know your result. *grins*

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