Biero bar is the new hit in town babehh!!

The refurbished old Precinct now caters all types of imported premium beer- i bet alot of them we've never heard of..

I mean, how often do you see Weihenstephan being served from the tab?

Apparently the food there is really yummy too - they serve fusion style tapas as well.. I had the honour meeting their chef and from the look of his size, i'm pretty sure he is one food expert!! hehe Just kidding! =)

Have yet to try the food out but it won't be long till i pay my second and third and forth...... visit soonz!

The ambience in the bar is excellent for after work drinking session and those who's looking for a chilling night out.. Possibly a potential spot to search for good looking suited working men- husband quality??.. teehee

Did someone say something about "charming working men?" It has officially became my new favourite hang out spot!! =) 

On the night itself, i think i've introduced my new love to at least 5 people and they LOVE IT!!

Edwin & Iqbal, care to hire a beer promoter? hehe 

Biero bar
525 Little Lonsdale St,
Melbourne, VIC
(Corner of Little Lonsdale and Williams St)


kennhyn said...

wow, lady beer drinker... interested to share ur experience with us at

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