Finally, the much awaited SILVERSPOON TRATTORIA official opening was yesterday. The support and response were overwhelming! Congradulatory flowers that spillover to the lift lobby making the lobby looking like a florist. But one does not complain about receiving too many flowers =P

Silverspoon was fully booked yesterday, with 100+ pax i was worried that my staff will not be able to handle it, but i must praise that they did a marvellous job. NOT PERFECT, but satisfactory. There's always space for improvement.

90% of our menu is available to the public now.
I've almost but tried every single available dish in the menu, and has put on weight so quickly that it's not even funny. Oddly i didnt manage to capture many food pictures till now.

Char-grilled calamari salad (on rocket, cherry tomato, onion, salad with lime and chilli vinaigrette)

Fish Soup (rich and aromatic, served with rouille)

Half dozen Oyster Kilpatrick

Stuffed Mushrooms (Portobello mushrooms filled with fresh breadcrumbs, herbs & parmesan cheese, grilled)

Al Pesto Con Cappansata (Linguine with pan-seared scallop, pine nut & freshly made pesto sauce)

Lamb Shank (tender lamb shank braised with white wine, vegetable & brown lamb stock served on potato mash), it's absolutely divine

Grilled Baby Snapper (with lemon & capers sauce, serve with warm potato & bean salad) clearly a winner dish

I forgot what pizza is this, but Chef Eric made is the way i like my pizza to be, thinly crusted and crisp. Yums 

Me (looking ridiculously plump) and my Managing Director cum Master Chef, Chef Ken
There's a story behind this plate, which i'll explain later.

Friends who came by for dinner. :)

F&B business is actually pretty fun. It helps that i like to eat so much too. I'll update from time to time about SILVERSPOON in future, but time for me to look out the window and continue with my gastronome journey elsewhere.


Sean said...

best of luck with the restaurant! i think the f&b biz is really harsh and demanding, so i'm glad that u find it rewarding so far. :D
the baby snapper looks good! =)

AugustDiners said...

Sean: Thank yews! it's always easier to be on the other side of the game. I do prefer those harsh comments than those who complains among themselves and not to us. At least demanding customers made us improve a step further.

KY said...

congrats jess!

AugustDiners said...

Ky: thx, see u soon!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the opening. Thanks for the lovely dinner.

thenomadGourmand said...

Cool.. I re-echo Sean's opinion but yea, when there's passion, there is a way ;)
Can't wait to drop by soon

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Congrats!! Best of luck ya... =)

Ms. Jazz said...

Tai Lim: u r welcome! glad u enjoyed it!

Rebecca: pls do!! hehe.

Bangsar-babe: thank yew! :)

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