Twentyone Tables + Terrace has been on the Bangsar night scene for awhile now, and they are showing no sign of slowing down. It is always packed to the brim during weekends and people without table reservation will be seen leaving with disappointment plastered on their faces.

We’re not surprise. It is after all, the ultimate nightspot that serves up delicious cocktails and wines that makes us “SCREAM” for more.

Comparable to Twentyone first outlet at Changkat (which crazieapple unshamefully calls it a “whorehouse*sorry for the crude language!*), BSC Twentyone seems to attract a good mix of locals and foreign professionals who decide to forgo the thoughts of pushing through crowds in clubs during weekends, instead to enjoy themselves in this sleek and sophisticated appearance that pumps out some good HOUSE music.

We love their efforts on the creativity cocktails, with names like red lips, or kiss my fat lips, popcorn martini *who wouldn’t?*, their list is endless and we aim to try out each and every one of them. (Just give us some time =P) They put a fair dose of alkie, and is reasonably priced averagely RM20-30+ per cocktail. We heard that ladies night is on Wednesday, but we can’t be sure yet.

Few golden rules to share from my experience of cocktail drinking.

1) NEVER drink on an empty stomach because you will wake up next day in total regret once the hangover kicks in.

2) Careful to mix champagne contained cocktails with hard liquor

3) Drink water in between (optional). I do that to flush down the taste of different alkie mixes but what the heck, this is totally unnecessary. Hehe

Lychee limetini

Traditional Mojito


T&T Martini- strictly a girl drink, sweet and seductive

Des conquering his flaming lambo

With Mr. Reshmonu

Our freeshots by the friendly bartender.


Drinks: 7/10
(cocktail's the bomb)

Ambience: 7/10
(try coming by during weekdays, it has a total different atmosphere but lovely nevertheless)

Service: 8/10
(not because of the free shots *grins* but because of the quick response from bartenders)

Presentation: N/A

Overall: 7.5/10


Twentyone Tables + Terrace
Level 3, BSC
Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, KL

Tel: 03-22870021


Sean said...

that's a good-looking flaming lambo, but kinda scary too!

Ms. Jazz said...

yes, i personally dont like it that much though. hehe

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