Hi Guys! We'll be on leave for awhile, We're heading to Krabi Island this time round
I dont even want to begin thinking about how i can fit in a bikini with chunks of tyres around the waist
(sorry to gross you out there)
Ever since starting Augustdiners, i've put on ALMOST 2 digits in kilos, seriously.. the things we sacrifice for the love of our blog.

Sneak A peek at where we'll be at

All pictures credited to www.krabi-hotels.com

Can't wait to share all the goodies of this trip to you soon!
I havent a clue where to eat around the island or what to eat. Totally lazy to do some research either.
So our solution is to eat everything in sight. YUMS

So stay tuned, (i promise we'll leave out the chunks of fats and loose end flapping around the beach)

Gross you out again, didnt i?

hehe.. ADIOS!!

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