I'm a dreamer.

I'm sure most people have in mind what business they'd like to own if they have the appropriate funding. I have tonssss of ideas myself (it changes from time to time) and not all are good ideas but i had fun imagining the set up, the interior, and the operations.
I use to have this idea of owning a fresh products market. Where people gather to sell their fresh produce- be it breads, jams, eggs etc, with meat section in one corner and seafood in another. All perfectly segregated and CLEAN. (very much like Victoria Market in Melbourne)
I used to love going to VIC market and spend hours at the place, inspecting prices, choosing the freshest greens, and enjoying a cuppa coffee under the sun while watching street performers.

Imagine my horror when i finally decide to grace the sun by going to PASAR in kl one fine morning with mom to buy some groceries. It was so compact that everyone is squeezing each other to get by, i've lost count on how many trolleys rammed onto my feet, and next to me was chickens waiting to be slaughtered, to make things worst there was a meehoon goreng stall selling COOKED FOOD next to it. I had to avoid being pushed and stepping onto the gooey looking substances on the floor which i dare not think of what it was. That puts an end to my pasar trip and since then i stick strictly to coldstorage and o gourmet (although the price gap is so huge)

Anyway those are really non relevant, but the "delicious ingredients" selling all kinds of gourmet ingredients just got me thinking about Melb. =D

DISH @ Dua annexe is the finer establishment by the delicious group. Slightly high in prices, but i'll be happy to note that their wines are very affordable. (Average price: RM80-RM100)
The interior finishes are very simple yet comfortable. From where i was sitting, i can view an array of cake selection at the counter that's sitting there prettily taunting my name. Further down there are a large section selling local/imported gourmet ingredients such as truffel oil, homemade jams etc. There were very few tables at dish, but we were glad to be there on a weekday to have some quiet time catching up. It was however a pity that they close so early. At 10pm they were already taking our last order.

Lobster Omelette (RM48) served with cognac infused lobster bisque sauce. A delightful sight that seemed more suitable for breakfast than dinner. The omellete was in thick slices, wrapped inside is the creamy content of lobster pieces. The lobster bisque is thick and tasty. It complements well to the otherwise ordinary egg dish. 

I like their pan-seared foie gras (RM48) on a toasted brioche, served with red grapes & muscat wine reduction. Such a simple combination yet it tasted powerful together. Most will not go wrong with foie gras.

What was strongly recommended by most bloggers were the steak served in DISH. We had striploin Australian Grain Fed 150 days (500gm) for RM100 to share between two. It proves to be a good choice because it was a lean cut with just the right amount of fats.
We chose Truffle butter for our choice sauce and request "medium" for our steak.
The server presented our huge chunk of steak and began torching to melt the butter. The steak was generously seasoned and all my worries were put aside when the server slice the steak and presented us with a perfect pink flesh (i had a slight phobia with thick steak now)
The texture was slightly chewy but juicy. Some parts especially the sides were pretty dry and overcooked.
Overall, not the best steak but a decent one for the price.

Creamed Corn with Paprika (RM15) sweet comfort side dish that complement well with the steak.


There were a wide selections of desserts to choose from, but we settled with Crepe Suzette (RM18) flambe with cognac orange butter served with vanilla haagen daz ice cream.
It doesnt look too appetizing as the crepe was drowned with the sauce making the crepe texture lumpy, but i liked the fact that it wasn't overly sweet.

The complmentary dessert: truffle and passion fruit marshmallow flairs better, we love the rich dark truffle that melts in the mouth, and i would love for more of those marshmallow too. We wish this was in the menu.

NZ Wine Cloudy Bay 2007 (RM169) was light, fruity and it gets even better after letting it breathe for awhile.

My sassy dinner date

The bill was RM480+ between two with red wine.


Food: 7/10
(wide varieties of dishes, overall consistent delivery)

Service: 7/10
(Friendly servers, but unable to properly explain the menu)

Ambience: 8.5/10
(Good for quiet catch-ups with friends and casual dinner with partners)

Presentation of food: 7/10

Overall ratings: 7/10


Dish @ Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak

Tel: 03-21641286


Sean said...

maybe someday u will be able to start that fresh produce market ... with strict hygiene standards! :D

AugustDiners said...

Let's hope the PM's 10th Malaysian Plan puts us to high-income economy, only then people are able to afford to pay for my "dream" (fresh produce + hygienic does come with a price!)but in the meantime i have 5 years to formulate my idea to reality. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ideally you should have cut the steak into two portions and eat it at your pace. cutting it into slices, will just spill the juices away onto the board..nooo...

i love to pig out here, a 500gm steak, 1 man, enough said.

AugustDiners said...

i think u r right! By the time we got to our third piece, it was already cold and slightly dry.

When r u going to Aussie? Pretty soon right? plenty of good beef there!

Anonymous said...

Dish is a good restaurant (so called D.I.S.H: Delicious Ingredients Steak House)I was one of the chef there, i very much like the way we serves steaks there.
it depends to customer how big the steak they wanted....
for me, the wagyu OP ribs just doing well....
but now i'm in iL-primo, soon we gonna comes out with a lot lots of meat dishes. and fish too....
so, let get primolocious regularly......

Augustdiners said...

Anonymous: Oh! i have no tried the wagyu there. And i do like how DISH serve their steaks too. Good finishing touch :P

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