Good to be back from Singapore! As much as i love the food selections there, its time to hit back to reality. That is, work work work, *growls*

When it comes to Dempsey Hill, Singaporeans will filed up a list of complaints, one of them being the cost of reaching to the destination, return cab fare would go for an approx of S$20. Another would be how it's overrated, or overpriced.. blah blah blah..But hey, im a tourist, so i'm not complaining.

In fact, i must declare my love for this place, i just can't get enough of it. If i had more time, i would love to explore every single restaurant in that area. So far i have only tried 3, but i do enjoyed every single one of them.

One of the largest occupant of Dempsey Hill, HOUSE takes up 35,000 sq ft with mix components of beauty emporium, cafe, and bar. We went for a second brunch of the day @ Barracks Cafe, first being Jones the grocer and did i mention how much i love this place? Everything from the menu, food presentation, lightning, furnitures, glass house, and alfresco dining was well designed and well thought of. The cafe brought in many inspiration to be used on Silver Spoon Trattoria later (which we are looking to refurbish the whole thing- more coming up soon *winks*)

Barracks cafe served a good varieties of cuisine, but mainly focus on its "skinny" pizzas, and desserts. (both unfortunately, i did not try) instead we had something very light, having to filled our tummy with breakfast yummies from the previous makan stop

Herb crusted lamb rack (S$32), lean lamb baked with bread crumbs served with meditteranean ratatouille and kalamata olive jus. *THUMBS UP* the meat was tender with the right amount of fats, served medium just the way i like them.  

Lobster Linguine (S$29) is something that you probably need to lick your plates dry with.
Half lobster, with crab meat and prawn bolognese tossed in black pepper sauce. Top with gorgeous Salmon caviar. The main attraction is how the black pepper sauce mix so well with the whole combination.

*starts licking*

Seared foie Gras (S$37) comes in 2 generous pieces. Not much has been done with the foie gras, pan seared with aged balsamic and roasted shallots, it retains most of the original flavours.
Paired with the foie gras was smoked duck breast with truffle potato mousseline.

There's a pretty good drinking list promise to quense thirst. Among the favourite is the Mint Berry Fix (S$13.50) with fresh chunks of berries, it was refreshing without being too sweet. Just right to gurgle down under the hot weather.

It was an enjoyable brunch, the menu items were so interesting it was a pity of the limits our tummy can fill.
Perhaps on your visit there, you can order the skinny pizza, one-meter-long sausage, ahi taki salad, desserts which seemed to be quite popular. ALSO, try their pasta! i walked around and saw a couple of pasta that looked so tempting i was tempted to sit through dinner. Seriously.

Barracks Cafe
8D dempsey road
Dempsey Hill

Tell: +64757787


Sean said...

I think I'd be happy to spend my entire vacation here too! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

loved the area too! but we had a meal at the thai german place which was abit off, food coming out too fast meaning prob alot of pre-cook stuff, the beer was nice though.

AugustDiners said...

sean: yeah! i knew u wud! it's your type of makan place! :D

Joe: oops. yea some of the restaurant did not flair as well. i did my research prior visit, so we just zoom in on the good ones :)

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