If you have NOT gotten sick of my Gu Yue Tian's Posts yet.. here's another one =D

We were invited by Chef Frankie to sample some of his new creations, since he doesnt know that i own a food blog, lets just hope he doesnt read it here because the below dishes are still in the testing stage, so yep.. we were pretty much his white mice waiting to be sacrificed indulged

Our purpose of this visit is to try the spanish iberico pig (black pig) and the Pork Bone Hot Pot.

We started off with 5 small selections of amuse bouche (don't think they use this word for chinese cuisine, do they?) Chef's standard starter being the roasted garlic, cherry tomato with caviar, parma ham with melon, cucumber with chicken floss and braised duck tongue.

One of the largest juicy oyster i've seen in KL, it was really fresh although few of us had to make several toilet visit later (mmm.. that's not saying much, does it?) But seriously it was really good, if only for those who can stomach it.

Black Pig with a very complicated sauce mix of pumpkin puree, soya, pesto, and wasabi. I can't say i enjoyed this very much, it was very bold flavor no doubt, but the combination did not quite hit the mark.

This my dear friends, was delicious! The pork bone soup was stewed for many hours, together with the white turnip, end result is a soup packed with flavours and a distinct peppery taste.
There were about 6 large pork bone in a pot, which i happily gobbled down 2 without much thought. One of the guilty pleasures in life :)
After we have cleared the pork bone, we were set to put in other ingredients such as homemade prawn balls with foie gras, prawn dumplings, fresh greens. It was all very well prepared. Big plump fresh prawns shows that Chef is generous with his fillings.

Fresh Boston Lobster for hotpot

Stir Fried Lobster with Ginger and spring onion.

Last but not least- something i can't live without, it the Fried Hokkien Mee. Gu Yue Tian's version is not the best in town but it serves it purpose to satisfy my craving for carbo food!

I'm normally not a whisky drinker, but the YAMAZAKI single malt whisky is pretty good!

Thank you Chef Frankie for the hospitality and the dinner!

Time out KL food award is today, where they unveil the best restaurants in town, i already have my mind set on a particular restaurant, hopefully they'll win. (although truly.. everyone knows silver spoon is still the best...right right? hahaha)


crusader.com said...

You have got to stop reviewing this restaurant already! We have 4 post on the same restaurant. People are beginning to think you have shares in this restaurant.

Ms. Jazz said...

crusader.com: LOL! my quadrilogy of Gu Yue Tien shall ends here. :D

Sorry to bore you out

Sean said...

ooh, the amuse bouche looks almost japanese :D anyways, gosh, it's probably been years since i had any pork bone soup. hopefuly the next time i have it will be here :D

taufulou said...

18 years single malt sure very nice eh~

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The oysters were really good, only for those who can stomach it? hahaha. Cute!

Btw, nice seeing you guys at the TOKL food awards yesterday! Hope to see you again...soon!!

AugustDiners said...

Sean: u've been missing out!! :D

Taufulou: Whisky always had an exquisite taste that i dont fancy much, but this is good

Meena: does that even make sense? hahaha! It was good to finally meet the queen of DSLR. :P

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