It's not everyday that a restaurant impresses you so much that it almost bowls you over. During my recent visit to Nanjing, one restaurant did exactly just that. Dreamcity Club, a restaurant located right within the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, was the venue where my host so graciously hosted a welcome lunch for my team and I. The food was all great, but it was the ambience that bowled me over.

The entrance into our 20 seater dining table:

Everyone taking some time to settle down. You have to be seated in accordance to your 'name tag'

The outer court of the dining area

The side 'living room' in the dining area - for pre dinner entertainment

Our chair - not a fan of it though - heavy and difficult to 'tuck' yourself

Notice the name signs - they take these events seriously - nice touch though

The food is top notch as usual. I didn't have time to photograph the whole lunch course - my host was beginning to think that I'm a little weird, photographing all my meals before eating

Dreamcity Club

Ah yes.. who can forget - they even prepare for you a little 'throne' when you visit the loo.

Dreamcity Club Restaurant
Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre - Home of Jiangsu Sainty
Nanjing, China


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That is one cool toilet seat! hahaha

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