I apologize (yet again.. bet you guys are already sick of my empty promises of more frequent updates by now) for the lack of reviews.. I'm just a student in Melbourne living with a budgeted allowance... Can't really expect me to be dining at posh restaurants all the time can you?? hehe

Anyway, here's another apology- for not reviewing, but attempting to run a cooking class on this blog.. Hope you guys enjoy something i'd like to share in the midst of my finals' study break:

I thought it'd be quite interesting and helpful as many of us Malaysians find it extremely rare to come across a good breakfast joint for the perfect runny poached egg. 

Lesson 101: How to poach an egg?

I know there's alot of versions of youtube video teaching you how to poach an egg.. As much as it looks/sounds like a rocket science project, it is NOT!!

p/s: if you watch the video, i think they accidentally crop off the part where Gordon mentioned that you have to put a few drops of vinegar into the boiling water as vinegar would help to congeal the eggwhites better.. It is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!

I took an attempt and it came out to be almost perfect!!

Who needs to go look for a perfect breakfast joint when you can do it yourself at home??
Middle bacon, honey flavoured sausage, hash brown and poached egg with chopped chives

My only problem with my poached egg was that it was too small in size.. I reckon it has something to do with the type of egg that i used. (*cough* homebrand.. ). Maybe i'll try it with an Extra-Large egg next time..

Also, i have yet to master the art of making my very own hollandaise.. which i will, in my spare time ahead.. And i shall return to you guys with good news?? =)

Hope you guys like what i just shared.. and Have a great week ahead!!

We all know how we feel about Mondays, don't we??


Ms. Jazz said...

for a moment there, i tot u did your own videos until i saw the word gordon ramsay! :D
Your poached eggs looks good! Gave me the inspiration to make brekkie this weekend!

Crusader said...

Please review Vue De Monde. I know you are just a student, but you can con some poor soul into buying you dinner there. So yeah.. please review that place. Thank you.

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