Here's my take on the Time Out KL Food Award 2010 results that was presented at the MAP Solaris Dutamas few days back- Despite the results being derived from an overwhelming 30,000 public voters this year, it seems to have create a controversy within the food blogsphere. Many has found the result surprising, and others thinks that they were well-deserved, myself included. But the game's all fair and square, no doubt some may not be our FAVOURITE winner, but all has put an effort to achieve their status today. We should give all the nominees encouragement and our congrats to the winners. For you all are the winners this year *cliche i know, poof*
Thank you masak-masak for listing out the winners, as we had to regrettably missed a whole chunk of the award for a second apppointment. But we appreciate TOKL for inviting us, and had a bomb helping ourselves to the free flow sparklings- (the girl has no shame)

Here are the winners:-

Best Continental- La Bodega
Specially Commended in the Best Continental Category- El Cerdo

Best Healthy Eating/ Vegetarian- Marmalade

Best Chinese- Chynna, Hilton

Best Indian- Bombay Palace

Best Italian- Prego, Westin KL

Best Japanese- Fukuharu

Best Malay- Bijan
Specially Commended- Enak

Best Middle Eastern- Al-Amar
Specially Commended- Tarbush

Best Mamak- Nasi Kandar Pelita

Best Pub Grub- Jarrod and Rawlins
Specially Commended- Sid's Pub

Best Seafood- High Tide

Best Steakhouse- Prime, Le Meridien
Specially Commended- Qba, Westin

Best Thai/ Indochine- Tamarand Springs

Best Independent Restaurant- Albion

Specially Commended from the Best Independent Restaurant Category- Rama V

Best Fine Dining - Lafite, Shang-ri la

Outstanding Chef This Year- David King from Westin

Best New Restaurant of the year- The Pressroom- BSC

Best Restauranteur- Edward Hyde of Gastrodome
Specially Commended - Benj Conway of Nero Group

Again, Congrats to all winners!!!

Helloo baby, come home to mommy :D (does that sound alcoholic, hope not!)

Ms. Jazz



Sean said...

gosh, it's too bad i wasn't there! otherwise, i'd have totally joined you in shameless drinking! :D

May said...

sounds like a great party
and ur right .. some of the winner r kinda disappointing

AugustDiners said...

Sean: haha this i have no doubt. :D

May: yeah! i do agree too! said...

Best Pub Grub to Jarrod and Rawlins?? You must be kidding me

AugustDiners said...

crusader: ya lo, no the hill wor, how?

Crazieapple said...

hahaha Jarrod and Rawlins is just crap.. hahahah

AugustDiners said...

Crazieapple: i shall refrain from comments :D

Sin Tai Lim said...

Great to meet you & Crazieapple there. Hope to see you again.

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