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Gu Yue Tien has been offering "ALL YOU CAN EAT" dimsum for RM55+ since awhile ago. I get really excited over deals like this. This offer only runs on Public holiday and Sundays only from 11.30am- 2.30pm. With my KIASU attitude, no price for guessing right what time i arrived to start my dimsum battle with 2 other galfriends. =D

What appeals to me really is not the usual orders of char siew bao, siew mai, har gao (prawn dumplings) but rather it is the vast choices of fusion-like dimsums that got me going GAGA (again). Good thing that the dimsums are made to order as it assures fresh and hot servings.

You know, there's a way of eating those unlimited orders deals. It's a form of art, a way of strategy. In my case, its called the KIASU strategy. and because i'm feeling generous today, i shall share it with you.

Kiasu Strategy

1. Come with an empty stomach- don't put liquid into your body in the morning!

2. If the deal starts at 11.30pm- BE THERE at 11.30pm.. =D

2. Read carefully the menu and analyze which are the most expensive items in the menu. First thing i spotted was the fresh oysters, salmon sashimi, scallop, crispy pork, poached fresh prawns (do mental calculations)

3. Order those in large quantities. But to be safe, order 2 portion each first as any food wastage will be charged RM20 per 100gm

4. Do not order filling food such as noodles, porridge and any form of carbo food!

5. Keep an eye on the food, and don't waste time chatting.

There you go, keep this close in heart, you'll find it useful one day hahaha

P/S I didn't exactly follow the rules , in fact broken all of them because i was the host that afternoon and have to appear gracious (but in my mind i'm thinking i want 2 of those!) hahaha.. 

It's good that they came in small portion. While their steam dimsums are considerably unsignificant, i would suggest you to steer clear of them and instead focus on the special items.

Fresh oyster with 5 salt *must order* it's good!

Roasted Crispy Pork

Crispy Soft Shell Crab

Steam dishes: (L-R) Spare Ribs with Pumpkin & Black Bean, Phoenix Claws with Black Pepper Sauce

Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom

Pan-Fried Cuttlefish cake with Cheese *recommended*

Mango Roll *refreshing and recommended*

Salmon Roll

Fried Carrot Cake (quite nice, if only less moist)

Loh Mee *must order*

Crab Cake Salad

Pork Intestines Pepper Soup Noodles *must order*

Egg Tart

Chilled Sea Coconut & Dry Longan with Lemon

and many more...

You're spoilt with choices with a total 62 items in the list.

Thanks for the pretty poloraid photo dears =)


Gu Yue Tien
Lot B5-A, Chulan Square,
92, Jalan Raja Chulan
Tel: 03-21480808

(If you're lucky u might bump into some actors/singers)


Baby Sumo said...

Didn't know they did dim sum buffet here! Must try must try :)

Sean said...

rm55+ seems like a good bargain for such a fine feast. i assume the place is packed during these afternoons!

AugustDiners said...

Baby Sumo: hope you like it, not the best dimsums in town but its something different :D

Sean: contrary to what you think, it's actually pretty quiet as not many people know about it yet. hehe :)

qwazymonkey said...

I'm surprised with a deal like this and the place is still quiet. It's a real pity though considering how good the food is here.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i saw noodles somewhere in there!! haha you did break the rules.

AugustDiners said...

qwazymonkey: yes it is, hopefully it will improve in time!

Joe: haha.. yea lo, cant resist ma :D

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