You may refer to our previous visit here.

Lately, I've been visiting C-Club quite frequently. 

It is mainly because of its convenience and we do enjoy the quiet and comfortable atmosphere allowing us to chill out after shopping sessions in Pavillion.
Not out of expectation, the restaurant was very quiet with only few occupied tables. My reasoning is that the restaurant looks a bit intimidating from its outlook, and people always associate carat = diamond = expensive. I think you got my drift, right? But fear not, as the exterior of the restaurant is the only threatening thing about this place. *if you can look past the risk of getting high cholesterol*

It was a hot day out and all the walking has already taken a toll on us. What's better than to start our brunch with sparkling drinks. I'm addicted to sparkling water/drinks. And thankfully C-Club has a whole list of them.

Lorina pink lemonade! I *heart*

Pomegranate and blueberry sparkling juice. Light in flavours and refreshing.

Slippery Lobster with Foie Gras topped with mango salsa was commendable. The lobster came in a large bitesize and goes well with foie gras, but then again im bias when it comes to anything foie gras! :) If anything, i wished their portion was slightly bigger.

Slippery Lobster Salad is CY's absolute favourite. She love the mixture of ceberg lettuce tossed with homemade pesto sauce, slippery lobster, pine nut with shaved cheese. mmmhmmmMm... *licks spoon dry* my advice is to scoop up all those wonderful flavours and waste nothing. 

Pan-seared Salmon Rossinni has to be the perfect combination. I'm talking about smooth soft flaky texture of the salmon fillet on a bed of slowly braised and tender oxtail stew and omigosh... how can we forget about the piece of foie gras sitting daintily on top of its main counterpart, Ms. Salmon beckoning for attention.
The finishing touch with its balsamic palm sugar glace made the world a better place. *thumbs up*

Lavender Creme Brulee with Lychee and burnt strawberry. A twist to the traditional version but nevertheless YUMS! the lavender infused custard was soft and fragrant with a tiny surprise of lychee within. Glazed with brown sugar and later torched to harden... It brought us to the next level of childlike bliss. Time to take out my rusty blow torch and experiment with it!

Ending our gastronomic brunch with a glass of watermelon juice and latte.

Our bill came up to RM200+ between two


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