I just realised that Augustdiners almost never dine alone together. Our only few attempts was Xenri d'garden and Cafe Barbera. All other times it was either Crazieapple with the bf (or sometimes called the man) or Ms. Jazz with the friends. It was never Crazieapple with Ms. Jazz. =(

We can finally put a fullstop for CNY this year! It came and went by so quickly and next thing i know, im back to my routine 8-5pm work mode. This year we were jam packed with Open Houses, parties, farewell, birthdays that requires eating eating and eating... Unfortunately not many pictures were taken.

Augustdiner's home has also had 3-4 parties during this CNY. While it was fun while it last, but we feel exhausted and ready for a break.
Some pictures to share:- :)

1/ Lantern at our home

2/ Plenty of Pretty Fireworks to share

3/ Lion that can dance really well, not to mention jumped super high.

4/ Yearly Street Party with neighbours (potluck style)

5/ Choi San Yeh wishes us a prosperous year

6/ Lut Lut stall has become a trend now- hiring a van of lut lut to your home for one night only cost approx RM700 depending on the quantity you order

7/ Kids Hiphop performance - Awww... so cuteee

8/ 14 FEB was valentine's day, first day of CNY and also my twin sisters bday, we cooked up a feast to celebrate and invited a few close family friends. Crazieapple's herb crusted lamb rack in making

9/ Im in midst of preparing my seafood bisque stock

10/ My famous Sangria *hehe*

12/ Clockwise: saute asparagus, saute mushroom, and Crazieapple's famous herb crusted lamb rack (p.s. it's from Gordon Ramsay recipe of course!)
We also bought 3kgs of Black Angus Rib Eye and marinated with Rosemary. It was yums but no pictures were taken

13/ Tiramisu by CY (recipe from Sim. Thanks!)

14/ Augustdiners did a wine party for mostly Melbie friends who happen to be back to kl at the same time
We accomplished 16 bottles of almost vintage wine. Most of them has been kept in our wine cellar for 8 to 10 years! Time to clean to stock and replenish new ones!

15/ We made some tapas and finger food to complement the alcohol. It took us 2 hours and we were so behind schedule that the guest started arriving.

16/ Parma Ham with Melon

17/ Deep friend squid rings with tartare sauce and aioli

18/ Nachos with the usual mexican dips. I made guocamole, and to make it chilled quicker (as i was running out of time) i popped it in the freezer and totally forgotten about it until the party just about to start. Luckily it tasted decent after we thawed it. I'll be honest with you, the salsa was store bought- i wanted to make from scratch but decided it was too much work.

19/ More winesssss!

20/ Warm tomato and basil bruschetta

21/ Our yearly open house inviting relatives and friends for a wide buffet spread

22/ It's red everywhere!

23/ Probably our 4th or 5th yee sang of this year. *shudders*
I think i have enough for now.

Wishing everyone a prosperous tiger year! I hope you enjoyed your CNY as much as we did.
Now, its time for some detox!! Im on my 9th day of being meat-free, dairy-free and alcohol free
*fingers crossed* let's see how long this will last! =)


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