I'm on some sorta "DETOX" program at the moment that do not encourage eating any form of dairy and meat (although i do take fish for protein), worse of it all- no alcohol!! I'm on my 11th day now. For the past days, it has been one-piece of plain white bread in the morning (with no jam/ butter) rinse with plain water. Fruits in the afternoon, and steam fish (no-frills style) just steam with salt or soya sauce with no ginger/ spring onion/ garlic as well as boiled/ stir fry vege for dinner.

Initially, i was rather skeptical- i doubted myself that i can actually go on without meat for one whole month, especially when im a true carnivore at heart. My friends has looks of disbelief when i told them too. They have also predicted that i am not able to do it, especially the alcohol part =P

But down the road, they saw my insistent effort and has also become more than encouraging, helping me search for good vegetarian places, or going on a detox plan with me.

Nature's Vegetarian is located in the buzzing street of Jalan Telawi. This is your typical traditional chinese restaurant. Upon entering, you will be greeted by three prominent porcelain figures Fook, Luk, Sau. An array of tea leaves is displayed at its counter ready to serve its diners. There was a slight pungent smell of tea leaves that turn bad. (not those fragrant smell you get from tea shops!) But soon enough you'll adjust to the smell.

The menu is extensive, i was fascinated on the range of different "meat" related dishes offered here. I must admit it was more of curiosity that made us order enough for 5pax although there was only two of us.
The attractive pictures in the menu ain't helping either!

No one said vegetarian MUST be healthy. We were looking forward to a very gluttony dinner! :D

There were many sizes you can order, it's all small portion for us as we wanted to sample more dishes.

Homemade special noodles (RM10) was a good choice, their noodles texture is smooth and springy. However this is only if you dont mind the overwhelming taste of dark soya sauce as it is tad bit salty! 

Stir Fry Nai bak with ginger slices (RM12) was too ordinary to comment. But it's good to have at least one non glutton dish.

Seaweed soup (RM10) was good enough portion for two. While the soup was tasty enough, we wished that they have used the chinese seaweed instead of the normal nori seaweed for sushis. You can also find ingredients like oyster mushroom, and carrot in this soup.

Perhaps my highlight of the night: The vegetarian fish in black bean sauce (RM12) is made with compressed tofu, and beancurds. I was impressed that it ACTUALLY taste a little bit like fish. (if you forget after the tofu aftertaste) The black bean sauce was thick and addictive (slightly salty though), perfect to mix it with rice!

If you are thinking what this is, you're not the only one. No this is not a vegetable dish but steam chicken (RM12). I can barely find the chicken but its there, hidden in the pile of vege mess. Complete failure dish as it is nowhere resemble the taste of chicken. Be it the texture or the flavour.

I like their Vege Hong Kong Char Siew (RM15) which was strongly recommended by their waitress. It came with generous pieces of "meat" soaked in char siew sauce. Almost like the real thing.

We suspect a generous amount of "aginomoto" is involve here because we felt really thirsty after the meal.
Our bill came up to RM90+ between two. (which may sound reasonable for so many dish but it is after all still vegetarian)

Conclusion: i can't wait to get back to normal diet and go heavy on the REAL meat soon!


Food: 5/10
(salty, salty, salty!)

Ambience: 6.5/10
(not too bad, we appreciate the chinese interior)

Service: 6.5/10

Presentation of food: 5/10

Overall rating: 5.5/10


Nature's Vegetarian Restaurant
No. 24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru

Tel: 03-22835523


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Anonymous said...

Terrible experience. Dont keep promises. They said their priority is to maximize their business / profit. Shame on this restaurant who on the surface projected some religious purity but at the end is all hypocrisy ! Will never go there ever again.


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